Far From Satisfied

"Sometimes you just do enough to get the win," said a subdued Ron Turner in the locker room after Sunday's 19-7 victory against the Packers.

With Kyle Orton's passer rating at 23.7 and 188 yards of offense, it was easy to understand why Turner was uncharacteristically disappointed after the Bears finally broke Green Bay's winning streak in Soldier Field.

Not much went right for the Bears. In fact on paper, the Packers seemed to dominate just about every statistic. Green Bay had 358 total yards, which nearly doubled the Bears output. Net passing yards had Brett Favre connecting on 31-of-58 for 277 yards while Orton only hit on six passes for 68. Even in total time of possession, the Packers had an almost ten-minute edge. So how did the Bears win? Defense.

"They kept us in this thing from the beginning of the game," Turner said. "Turnovers, interceptions, sacks, field position, they did everything they had to do to keep us within striking distance."

What seemed to unsettle Turner most was that the offensive game plan was ineffective almost from the opening whistle.

"We were going to take control early on and give our defense a rest," Turner said. "We just fell short in every aspect."

One bright spot for the Bears was the return of Bernard Berrian who had been out with an injured hand that required surgery earlier in the season.

"Bernard brings back the element of speed to our attack," Turner said. "Since Mark Bradley went down, we've been lacking in that respect. There has to be a balance for Muhsin (Muhammad). If we don't have that in place, Moose will be covered on every play."

The usually productive Muhammad went without a catch for the first time 47 games. Berrian led the way with three receptions for 59 yards. Desmond Clark (2) and Bobby Wade (1) accounted for the only three other completions by the offense.

Berrian missed four games following thumb surgery. He was active last week but failed to get on the field.

Berrian's longest catch of the day, a 34-yard reception, came as the result of an Orton audible. His other two plays were routes he'd practiced with Orton last week.

"The way we work together is a good sign for the rest of the season," Berrian said. "I know that I'm a little rusty right now. I'm definitely not at 100% and I don't know how much longer it will take me to get there. But Kyle can make allowances for my hand and give me passes that I can catch. All I want is my chance to get in the game."

Berrian's presence and playmaking ability proved a boost to the team and the partisan crowd at Soldier Field, a fact not lost on Turner.

"It was great to have Bernard back. Passing is a vital aspect of this game and we have to get it going," Turner said. "Of course the Bears are traditionally a running team, but when we are weak with the pass, there's too much defensive focus on our backs. Each game is getting more difficult as the season progresses so things won't improve without considerable effort on our part."

"Considerable effort" to Turner, means having every available player functioning at his highest level.

"We need every weapon we can find at this point," he said. "The defense shouldn't be solely responsible for our success. This should be a team effort. Thanks to their side of the ball, we came away with the win. It's great to have broken the Packers streak but I'm definitely not satisfied with our overall performance. You can be certain that will be addressed in practice this week."

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