Player Perspective: Brendon Ayanbadejo

Lake Forest - The special teams ace discusses the win over Green Bay, the upcoming matchup with the Steelers and why the Bears continue to get little respect from the national media.

We all expected a win going into last weekend's game. As the end result was a win over the Packers we were satisfied with the day overall. It was a tough game with everybody grinding it out. That tends to happen in rivalries.

The Packers had dominated the Bears in Soldier Field for quite a while, for way too long. It was a big game for everybody and an important one for us to win. It was good for our fans to have bragging rights.

The conditions weren't a problem for the players at all. I'm sure it was uncomfortable for the fans in the stands, but we mostly ignored it. Once you step out on the field and the adrenaline starts pumping, you don't know how hot or cold it is.

Brett Favre and his guys did pretty much what we thought they'd do. They nickled and dimed us on offense but that's what we had anticipated. It's always good when there are few surprises. We had a good idea where he would be throwing the ball and when they would use their running game. We got in there and kept the field position. We were strong in the Red Zone and disrupted a lot of the Packers plays. You've got to do that in order to keep the game within reach and to give the offense the best chance to score.

Nathan Vasher's and Charles Tillman's interceptions were vital. It's always a matter of field position and takeaways in a hard fought physical game. Those plays changed the momentum and took some of the pressure off of Kyle Orton. We knew the importance of getting the ball back whenever Green Bay had possession. And if one of the ways we win so much is to score on defense, then that's fine.

I know that there's been a lot of talk in the media and among the fans about the problems that the Bears offense sees to be having with the passing game right now. The way our defense plays, the ways that they find to be so good, things seem to work out even when the offense isn't going as they'd like to be.

We keep winning, we're up to eight in a row right now. As long as that keeps happening, I'd say there will be no controversy within the locker room. One side of the ball isn't pointing fingers at the other. If the defense wasn't playing as well as they are, however, that might come more into play.

Defense is our job, that's what we do. If there's a fire we put out that fire. We just keep going. Each of us minds our own business, we know what will be expected of us and that's what we deliver. I don't see any of that changing as we prepare to go against the Steelers. We have enough to be concerned about on our side of the ball. The goal of a team is not to dibble dabble in other people's stuff.

Although all together we are a team, each aspect of the team is self contained, special teams, offense and defense. During the practice week we tend to work pretty much with members of our own group within the team. You want to have good communication with your own guys and you aren't that concerned with what the other players are doing. Sunday is the time that everything comes together.

Do we feel extra pressure to perform right now? No, not any more than usual and definitely not as long as we keep getting the wins. If that stops happening, then things might change. For now, we're just going about our usual business. It's working because we keep winning.

I don't know why but people still seem to be finding a lot of excuses not to be giving this team our glory. I'm talking mostly about the national media here. I just don't know why. I was watching NFL Prime-time the other day and the analysts were still putting Carolina ahead of us. Didn't we not just spank and destroy Carolina just a few weeks ago? That's just the way it is, I guess. They're wrong but it's an attitude they have. But we'll just use that for more motivation.

As far as our division is concerned, the Vikings are playing good football but so are we. We have a win streak, they have a win streak and they're right behind us. It's a concern but as long as we keep doing what we're doing then there shouldn't be any problem. Sure, it's in the back of our minds but we're just worried about us right now.

The Steelers have an aura about them. They're known as a tough team so we know we're going to have to work hard against them. We're not taking anything for granted. How we'll matchup against them, that's something we'll know after the game.

Brendon Ayanbadejo has agreed to share his observations of life in the National Football League with Bear Report readers. Brendon will be checking in via the website on a weekly basis.

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