Moose Sends Mixed Message

Muhsin Muhammad had his most productive game as a Bear on Sunday against Pittsburgh with season- and game-highs of eight catches and 91 yards. But it wasn't enough to prevent Chicago's first loss in more than two months.

"I made some plays on some balls that came my way," Muhsin Muhammad said. "But I really don't care about the balls; it's all about wins in this game. You can catch a lot of balls, but if you don't win the game, the team doesn't really move forward.

"We took a step back today, and it's not really about what Muhsin Muhammad does out there on the field. At some point in time, we're going to have to have a little more offense to be able to come back in situations like this."

The question is if the Bears can overcome a deficit. During the eight-game winning streak the Bears never trailed by more than 4 points. As the Bears got down 14-3 at the half to Pittsburgh and 21-3 in the fourth quarter there was never a sense they would get back in the game.

"We didn't handle that situation as good as we would have liked to, there were some key third-down play where we didn't convert and we had been moving the ball on a couple of those drives and we didn't make it happen," Muhammad said. "If we have that test come up again, of course, we need to be better prepared for it. I think we will be."

The defense gave up an average of 8.5 points during the team's longest streak in 20 years, but that didn't stop Muhammad from taking a bit of a shot at the league's top unit.

"Our defense is due for a bad game here or there," he said.

Trailing by double digits for the majority of the game forced the Bears to abandon the running game.

"When you get behind early you need to kind of alter things and I think that's what took place," Muhammad said. "We had to get away from the things we do well, running the ball and play-action passes."

Despite Muhammad's efforts, the Bears were held to less than 21 points for the eighth straight week and 11th time in 13 games.

"I thought I played extremely hard," said Muhammad, who broke three tackles on a 16-yard reception in the second quarter. "I didn't make every single play, but I caught the balls that I should have caught, and that's what it's all about. You have to make plays when they're there. Sometimes we had certain plays called, and for one reason or another we didn't make the play."

That was just the latest in Muhammad's not-so-subtle swipes at rookie quarterback Kyle Orton, whom he has tossed under the bus at almost every opportunity.

Asked specifically about Orton, Muhammad was hardly effusive in his "praise."

"I thought he threw the ball better than he threw the ball last week," Muhammad said of the previous week's performance, which earned Orton a 23.7 passer rating. "He had more attempts this week, and generally when you throw the ball more, you have a tendency to get in a better rhythm. He was able to get in a better rhythm, but of course being a young guy, he missed some plays, too. You expect a young guy to make some mistakes in a game."

You just don't expect someone who's a veteran and a supposed team leader to point all of them out.

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