Player Perspective: Brendon Ayanbadejo

LB Brendon Ayanbadejo had two special team tackles against the Falcons on Sunday, adding to his season total of 20. Ayanbadejo offers a players perspective on the victory.

We whipped them. That was a great win. The temperature out there affected everybody but clearly it affected them a lot more than it affected us. The footing this week was superb. The field was awesome, quite a change from what we experienced in Pittsburgh last weekend where it was just about impossible to get any traction.

The way we avoided letting our muscles get stiff was to get on those heaters as much as possible. We had those jackets on out there, all t he stuff like that. Layering, whatever we could do to hold in our body temperatures. That's necessary in order to avoid injury. It's an important factor that all of us were aware of.

The defense did its job by holding the Falcons to a field goal at the half. So although we did feel somewhat of an energy shift when there was the quarterback change at the beginning of the second half, I wouldn't say that it affected us that directly. Something like that has much more impact on the offense.

But after Rex Grossman came in, there was more dominance in the game. That in turn gave our defense a little extra energy and a boost to keep that momentum going.

A lot of our success depends on attitude as well as on physical skills. If we play Bears football, which is a dominating and intimidating type of a game, nobody can stop us but ourselves. That means no mistakes. That's what happened against Atlanta. We held them to three points. They are known to have a strong offense, so that's an accomplishment for us.

What happened to us last Sunday against the Steelers was the complete opposite of Bears football. It was something that happened, and we're completely over it now. We are back on track and I see the success continuing through the rest of the season.

I watched a little of the Vikings game against the Steelers. While I definitely wanted them to lose, I wanted them to play Pittsburgh a little tougher. I was hoping that they would get some pay back for what Pittsburgh did to us, after all, we're another team in their division. We always want a little respect to come back to our conference after a loss. If they'd beaten them up a little bit, maybe a 10-7 game, or a 21-14 game, that would have been fine.

But if the Vikings had won they would have been real close to us so in that sense it relieves some of the pressure. Now they're back two games so we don't have to look back at them quite as much. Instead, we can concentrate on how we are playing.

With Green Bay having played in the Monday night game this week that should be to our advantage just as Atlanta was coming off the same scenario. Anytime a team has to play a Monday night game they have that much less time to rest and to prepare for the following week. I think if you go back and look at the statistics the teams playing on a Monday night don't necessarily do that well the following Sunday.

But what happens next weekend will be the result of much more than Green Bay's schedule. We'll need to go up there and continue to execute, just as we did against the Falcons. If we stay within ourselves and play that dominating type of game, I think things will definitely turn out well for Chicago.

Brendon Ayanbadejo has agreed to share his observations of life in the National Football League with Bear Report readers. Brendon will be checking in via the website on a weekly basis.

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