Giving Back

Brian Urlacher hasn't forgotten where he came from. The Bears linebacker demonstrated how much weight he gives the Lovington High School football program for helping make him a pro.

Hammer Strength personnel delivered a 38-piece weight-training package to the school's field house Wednesday.

In all, Urlacher donated $40,000 worth of weight training equipment.

"I was happy to make this equipment donation. Lovington helped shape my football career," said Urlacher, a 1996 graduate of Lovington High, "and hopefully this equipment will enhance the conditioning and performance of these young athletes."

The equipment included four iso-lateral machines, five squat racks, and three ground base jammers, among others.

"It's an awesome feeling to get $40,000 worth of equipment — the best money can buy," said Jaime Quinones, Urlacher's football trainer and coach. "It's going to make the conditioning building the best in the state."

Bryce Karger, Urlacher's athlete representative with Kauffman Sports, said Urlacher enjoyed helping the school.

"Brian has the ability to be able to help his high school and the people who helped him," Karger said. "He knows how important it was for him to have the weights, to become an NFL player, and live out his dreams. Anything he can do, he's willing to do."

Karger added, "We hope to keep adding on to the equipment ... to make that facility a premier facility in the entire state."

Urlacher also has started a $25,000 scholarship fund.

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