Voice of the Fan

It's high time we took a look at a good veteran Defensive End, off a good D-line team, such as Pittsburgh's DE Aaron Smith, who is 6-5, 293. We can't depend on might bees such as Alex Brown or Karon Riley! With Bryan Robinson not 100% fit and pumped, the team must add to their arsenal!

Smith makes sense and just needs more playing time to be productive! Was productive with limited play in great pass rushing team!

Sorry we can't afford Marco Coleman and Jay Riemersma and re-sign our 3 priority players in Marty Booker, Rex Tucker and Rosevelt Colvin. Chicago could stand to sign quality speedy vet W.R.! At any rate Smith looks too good to pass up! Other quality veterans to look at are Cleveland's; Keith McKenzie 6'3" 273 and Buffalo's; Shawn Price 6'-4" 290!

Jerry Angelo must not be satisfied with supposed "steals" of draft and current status, must finish putting together quality talent at key positions and move forward, everyone else will and has! Not to mention Traylor and Washington are not getting any younger!

Angelo must learn from his mistakes, as the Bates deal was an embarrassment. Hated to see speedy James Allen go as he gave us good 1-2 attack in the backfield. His change of pace style from Anthony Thomas' kept opposing defenses guessing.

Finally the Bears should never allow a cheap shot on their QB's go without someone making a retaliatory statement.

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