Buffone's Reaction to the Action

What a lousy way to end the regular season. The game was tough to watch and you have to wonder what kind of impact the 34-10 loss to the Vikings will have headed into the postseason.

Obviously Lovie Smith wanted to rest everyone for the playoffs. Still the Vikings were prancing around like they just won the Super Bowl.

I wanted to choke Mike Tice on the sideline. He acted like his players were better than the Bears. I'm sorry the guy lost his job, but the NFC North champs would have stomped Minnesota with their starters on the field for the whole game.

For everything the Bears accomplished this year, it was an ugly conclusion to the first part of the season. I thought the game would be more competitive because I expected the backups to play better.

There are some guys that are on their way out and shouldn't see the field in the playoffs. S Mike Green can't tackle and DE Michael Haynes shouldn't have been a number one pick.

The depth became so thin that OL Lennie Friedman and CB Rashied Davis had to play on the other side of the ball. Experimenting with Davis at wideout is one thing because he's played the position in the Arena League, but Friedman played his first down with the Bears at defensive tackle. It looked like the Bears put up the white flag.

Aside from being able to accomplish the scoring record and holding onto the No. 1 ranking, the defense had little to prove.

However, resting Rex Grossman when he's only had six quarters of game action is up for debate. If he goes out there and gets hurt then the postseason chances take a serious hit. I hate thinking that way and it would have been good to see him get a little work and then take a seat.

Although Kyle Orton lined up behind center, it was difficult to tell he was playing quarterback. It seems like he plays the position with his hands tied behind his back.

The play calling is completely different with Orton and Grossman. In a game that supposedly didn't mean anything, offensive coordinator Ron Turner played it close to the vest. It would have been good to see Orton take some chances, but Turner might have been afraid to give anything away for the playoffs.

Despite the struggles in the passing game, the rushing attack managed to be productive. Thomas Jones got his 1,300 yards then Adrian Peterson and Cedric Benson took over.

For whatever reason, Benson didn't get in the game until the fourth quarter. He's a guy that could be a factor in the postseason and getting him carries now could payoff down the road.

The second string offensive line gave up a couple sacks and at times didn't have a clue who to block. For Grossman's sake, hope the starting o-line stays intact during the playoffs.

There's no need to worry about the defense bouncing back in two weeks because the Bears had the lead when they were in the game. They're going to be chomping at the bit to avenge the outburst by the Vikings and completely shutdown their opponent in the divisional round.

As has been the case all year, if the offense can put up 17-20 points the defense will give the Bears a great chance to make their way to Detroit. Winning the Super Bowl may be tough against the AFC representative, but with the best defense in the game anything could happen.

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