Voice of the Fan

Suggestions for the Soldier Field renovation project

Statues of George Halas and Water Payton should be erected outside of the new Solder Field. With all of the great players in Bears history the team needs a Ring of inside of the stadium. Also, each luxury box could be named after each of the Bears hall of fame players and on opening the person who the Box is named after should be there to greet the users of that box.

On the Offensive

By Gary Carson

Recently retired Cris Carter could have helped the Bears. Provided he would have played for us! His leadership, getting on teammates for taking plays off, not giving 110% would have been great to see, since hardly any one is "trembling in their boots" over our inconsistent passing game and receivers!

The organization needs a quality wide receiver, who can play a whole year and lead the team on the big plays week in and week out. An explosive threat other teams have to respect.

As for David Terrell being ready to start. Get real and showoff something besides your big mouth!

Carter had the stats to back his mouth up with and could catch the football, sacrificing his body to move the chains! Chicago needs to get Ahmad Merritt on the field as the team can use his blazing speed, which he displayed on the reverse against the Eagles.

The Bears need more from the offense in order to win games this season instead of relying on the defense. Meaning John Shoop will be under the microscope once again.

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