Tough Test

When the Bears face off against the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots on November 10th, it will be the 17th time in 36 years that the Chicago Bears will face the defending champions.

Luckily, history is on the Bears side, in their last ten games versus the Super Bowl winner Chicago is 7-3. Overall the Bears are 8-8 in this situation, but when the Bears play New England in Champaign, they will have a chance to prove they belong while continuing the proud tradition of beating the champs.

Many agree that the New England Patriots were not the most talented team in the playoffs last year, but their desire, and the leadership of quarterback Tom Brady and running back Antowain Smith led them to the title.

The Bears will be a year older and a year more experienced, and with the additions of playoff tested veterans like Damon Moore, Chris Chandler, and Mike Caldwell the Bears look to have a good chance at pulling off a victory. Most assume the November 10th battle will be a defensive struggle. Therefore, the fate of the Bears seems to be in the hands of quarterback Jim Miller, and Anthony Thomas. If the Bears can win the field position battle against the Patriots and they can convert on their field goals and control the clock with the A-Train, they should be in good shape. As will be the story with the Bears this season, on a team with a dominant defense, the way the offense plays will determine their level of success.

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