Left Out in the Cold

General manager Jerry Angelo said he expected the Bears to be less active in free agency than in past years and he's sticking by his words. With money flying around like footballs on Sunday's, the Bears have yet to add a single free agent.

The Bears have lost out on three players to the Washington Redskins. Aside from Antwaan Randle El, Adam Archuleta and Andre Carter got big time deals from Daniel Snyder.

  • S Adam Archuleta signed a six-year, $30 million contract with Washington that includes a $10 million signing bonus. His relationship with Lovie Smith made up for part of the difference in cash, but obviously not enough to land with the Bears.

    "It was between here and Chicago," Archuleta said upon signing with Washington. "I played in a cover-2 system most of my life. I knew it inside out and I had great success with Lovie and what we did with the Rams. I felt like it was going to take a lot to make me not go to Chicago."

  • LB/DE Andre Carter, a free agent from San Francisco, has also reportedly agreed to a deal with Washington that he is expected to sign Tuesday. He would have provided depth at linebacker and defensive end as a speed rusher, which coach Lovie Smith has said he covets.

  • KR Eddie Drummond re-signed with the Detroit Lions. The four-year deal is reportedly worth $6 million. After losing out on Randle El, the Bears turned their attention to Drummond, who would have been a major upgrade for the Bears as both a kick and punt returner.

  • WR Antonio Bryant signed a four-year deal with San Francisco worth around $15 million. He will make more than $6.5 million in 2006.

    The Bears never made a play for Bryant, but he could have helped bridge the gap between Mark Bradley and or Bernard Berrian being ready to start.

    "I understand that the team is young," Bryant said. "I'm one of those guys who is young and looking for the opportunity to come out here and blossom with something new and fresh. I figure if I was going to start over, this was a perfect opportunity."

  • Another wideout could likely become available. Eric Moulds believes the Bills have no intention of keeping him at his current salary and has asked to be released. Moulds, who has two years left on his contract, is scheduled to make $7.1 million next season and count $10.85 million against the salary cap.

    At this point the Bears have no free agent visits scheduled and appear content to wait out the market for potential bargains down the road. The problem is the way money is being spent there could be no such thing.

    Jason Klabacha contributed to this story.

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