Bears View on Manning Coming into Draft

Bear Report has been following Danieal Manning since the East West Shrine game. Here are some of the questions Publisher Jason Klabacha has asked the Bears about Manning over the last two months.

Director of College Scouting Greg Gabriel:

JK: Why has the organization has stayed away from smaller school prospects in recent years?
GG: "I would say our main focus and philosophy is the major schools, but we're not going to let the small school guy go by especially if he is a standout. Our major focus is the major schools, but if a smaller school guy is good and worthy, you're going to know about this guy. We try to send our guys into the major schools four and five times a year, but if there is a good small school kid, there is a dominant player, we're going in there too,

JK: Would you put Manning in that category?
GG: "He's a good player. He went to the East-West game played mostly safety at Abilene, I think was recruited as a corner, but at the same time he goes to the East-West game and plays corner and plays corner well. Worked out well. So you have to look at him as a guy who can maybe play both positions and he was a top returner at a lower level."

Jerry Angelo at the Combine

JK: How much time do you spend on the small schools?
JA: "Any time a player has elite ability, irrelevant of small school or big school, we're doing him. Because we don't go into small schools in August and September that doesn't mean we don't go into small schools. I feel there's more sleepers coming out of the big schools and you're better served to spend a little extra time there than running around to the small schools. But if a kid has top talent, irrelevant of what school he is, it's going to be known. And we are doing those players as well.

JK: Is Manning a different case?
JA: "He may, Jason, I don't know. We haven't gotten into him as in depth, at least as far as my knowledge. I know what you said.

"Players can come from anywhere. I know that. We've got a schedule. We can only be so many places at once. I tell our scouts, don't be driven by your schedule. When you go into a school you're going in to find players. If it takes you an extra half a day to do that, then stay. Don't worry about what school you were supposed to get to. Don't be driven by a schedule, be driven by players. So I would rather you go to 15 schools and know them inside out than go to 30 and know just enough to be dangerous.

"I always tell our scouts, and I tell myself, let's not worry about the guys we don't have rated on our board. I'm not worried about those guys. The guys I'm worried about are the guys we say we know and they're rated up on that board. Those are the guys I'm concerned about. And that's evolved over time. And I know I'm correct on that. It's just been a good formula and it's been a very workable one for our scouts."

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