Best Tight Ends Still on the Board

The Bears ignored tight end on the first day of the draft and may decide to do the same today. If they do address the position, here are scouting reports on the top remaining talent.

Full Name: Timothy Day School: Oregon Pos: TE
Ht: 6-3.5 Wt: 256 40: 4.76 Year: 5Sr

Bio: Three-year starter awarded All-Conference honors after his junior and sophomore campaigns. Totals last season included 22/201 after career numbers of 35/457/8 the prior season.

Pos: Nice-sized tight end developing a complete game. Finds the open seam in the defense, adjusts to the errant throw and makes the reception in stride. Stays on his feet running after the reception, carrying the pile for extra yards. Solid position blocker who controls opponents at the point.

Neg: Lacks top playing speed and not a consistent deep threat. Over-extends into blocks or ducks his head which adversely affects his ability to finish off defenders.

Analysis: Suffering from a change of offensive systems at Oregon as a senior, Day had been a consistent player the previous three seasons. May slip through the cracks yet could be one of the draft's better bargains on Day Two.

Full Name: Owen Daniels School: Wisconsin Pos: TE
Ht: 6-3.5 Wt: 253 40: 4.70 Year: 5Sr

Bio: Awarded All-Conference honors as a junior after totaling 25/391/2. Senior numbers were 22/268/4.

Pos: Effective pass-catching tight end with a good feel for the position. Finds the soft spot in the defense, displays a sense of timing and has natural hands. Plays with good pad level and remains focused throughout the action.

Neg: Lacks strength at the point of attack. Marginally productive as a blocker. Does not play to his 40 time.

Analysis: A former quarterback who has shown flashes of ability since making the move to tight end, Daniels must significantly elevate his level of play this summer. Practice squad player with developmental potential.

Full Name: Jeff King School: Virginia Tech Pos: TE
Ht: 6-5 Wt: 245 40: 4.89 Year: 5Sr

Bio: Moved into the starting lineup as a junior and earned All-Conference honors the past two seasons. Senior totals included 26/292/6 after 25/304/4 the prior year.

Pos: Consistent tight end with a complete game. Nasty blocker who controls opponents at the point of attack. Plays with good pad level, seals defenders from the action and stays with assignments. Solid route-runner and extends to make the reception away from his frame. Reads the defense, finds the open areas on the field and exposes himself to the big hit in order to make the reception.

Neg: Not a flashy or explosive tight end. Marginal playing speed and rarely makes plays in the secondary.

Analysis: A competitive prospect with great work habits, King nicely projects as a second tight end in the NFL. Offers starting abilities in certain systems and possesses the tools to stick around the league for a long time.

Full Name: Garrett Mills School: Tulsa Pos: TE
Ht: 6-1 Wt: 241 40: 4.67 Year: 4Sr

Bio: Three-year starter awarded varying degrees of All-Conference and All-Academic honors since his sophomore campaign. Led the team in receptions as a senior totaling 87/1,235/9, setting an NCAA single season record for receiving yards by a tight end. Junior totals included 51/560/2 when he also lined up at fullback.

Pos: Smart, hard-working skill player with a great feel for the game. Consistently finds the clearing in the defense and makes the reception in stride. Adjusts for the errant pass, displaying soft and strong hands. Makes the difficult catch in traffic, knows where he is on the field and always works to make himself an available target. Keeps the play in bounds running after the reception.

Neg: Lacks footwork sliding out in pass protection. Marginal blocking skills.

Analysis: Ultra-productive in college, Mills has no defined NFL position. Has a special-teams mentality and finds a way to get it done, which leads one to believe he'll be a productive third-down specialist in the NFL.

Full Name: T.J. Williams School: North Carolina State Pos: TE
Ht: 6-2.5 Wt: 269 40: 4.77 Year: 4Sr

Bio: Second-team All-Conference selection as a senior after catching 35/371/2. Junior totals included 31/382 after 28/444/3 as a sophomore.

Pos: Pass-catching tight end who gets marginal results as a blocker. Fluid releasing off the line, has a decent burst of speed and makes plays in the open field. Extends to make the reception away from his frame and pulls the ball out of a the air.

Neg: Must significantly improve his playing strength. Dropped a lot of catchable throws last season. Looked terrible during the Senior Bowl.

Analysis: Flashing skills as an offensive threat, Williams has potential as a second tight end in the NFL. Did not elevate his play last season and has watched his stock drop.

Full Name: Anthony Mix School: Auburn Pos: TE
Ht: 6-4.5 Wt: 235 40: 4.51 Year: 4Sr

: Bio: Part-time starter the past two years. Senior totals included 23/288/2 after 19/294/3 as a junior. Spent time at both receiver and tight end in college.

Pos: King-sized pass catcher who can be used at a variety of positions. Displays excellent adjustment to the throw, eye/hand coordination and makes the reception away from his frame. Quickly gets into breaks, staying low on exit, and shields away opponents with his frame. Strong, defeats jams and physically beats down opponents to make the catch. Solid position blocker down the field.

Neg: Marginally productive in college. Never known to be a hard worker.

Analysis: Improving his game as a senior, Mix has potential as a slot receiver in the NFL or possibly at H-back. Must continue to progress and has the ability to be an active part of an NFL offense.

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