Class of Division

ESPN football analyst Sean Salisbury, a former NFL quarterback, feels the Chicago Bears are the top team in the NFC North. Salisbury says some off-season additions have really helped make the Bears one of the elite teams in the NFL.

"They have had some key acquisitions, signing Chris Chandler as a backup to Jim Miller and Mike Caldwell and Keith McKenzie to bolster the defense."

Salisbury also believes shaking up the front office has greatly aided the Bears recent success.

"Previously, the Bears had been one of the worst-run organizations in terms of gathering talent. But now they improved in the personnel department in recent years and are reaping the benefits."

After the Bears, Salisbury ranks the Green Bay Packers second, Minnesota Vikings third and Detroit Lions fourth. Tampa Bay has moved to the NFC South division.

Along with Chandler, Caldwell and McKenzie the Bears have bolstered the depth on their roster this off-season. Safety Damon Moore, quarterback Henry Burris, running back Rabih Abdullah, tight end Luther Broughton and defensive linemen Jason Wiltz have all provided quality depth at their respective positions.

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