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The Bears opened their rookie mini-camp on Friday with two young tight ends on the field hoping to make an impression. Position coach Rob Boras took the time to answer questions about Tim Day and Cooper Wallace in this exclusive interview with Bear Report.

The tight end trio of Desmond Clark, John Gilmore and Gabe Reid struggled to get involved in the offense in 2005. The position produced just 28 receptions for 250 yards and three touchdowns.

Although the Bears talked about upgrading the talent at tight end heading into the draft, the team passed on addressing the position with any of their seven selections. Instead undrafted free agents Timothy Day and Cooper Wallace will be Boras' projects.

Boras took the time on Friday to discuss Day and Wallace.

Even though the decision makers didn't help you in the draft, it appears you still have some young talent to work with in Tim Day and Cooper Wallace.

RB: "We're real excited to get both Cooper and Tim. To get two tight ends that were at the combine, obviously played major college football at Oregon and Auburn, we're fortunate to get both of their qualities to be here."

With 17 tight ends being drafted, how do players like Day and Wallace fall through the cracks?

RB: "Everybody has different criteria or something just happens. The way positional needs go. Whatever the scenario whatever the situation for it to workout here is knock on wood is going to be something great for us.

How do Day and Wallace compare to what you currently have at the position?

RB: "I would say they're probably a combination of all the guys we have. Tim probably would be more in line with maybe a Desmond Clark and a Gabe Reid, just maybe a little faster. Not faster than those guys but a faster tight end. More of a receiver, coming out of college the stereotype right now is he needs to improve in the run game part of it.

"Cooper played significantly in the four years at Auburn. He was a movement guy as more of a skilled receiver then got moved to more of a blocker. I'd say both of those guys probably fit in more in comparison with Desmond and Gabe."

Do you think there's a chance both Day and Cooper can make the roster?

"That's why they're here. That's what we're hoping for. Obviously we only had three tight ends on the roster and we're going to go to training camp with five. So they've got a great opportunity. It's not like they're coming here just hoping to get to training camp. If they just come here and be who they are and show us some stuff they're going to have every opportunity to compete for one of those spots."

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