Small Corners Must Play Big

The Chicago Bears' 2002 projected starting cornerbacks are R.W. McQuarters and Jerry Azumah, both of which stand at a mere 5 feet 10 inches tall. Today's prototype NFL cornerback is a six-foot with excellent leaping ability.

The Bears corners will be tested this season versus a crop of tall and speedy wide receivers in the NFC North Division.

The Vikings receivers appear to be the largest miss-match for the Bears shorter corners. McQuarters will line up against all pro wide 6-4 receiver Randy Moss. Opposite those two will be Azumah versus the former Kansas City WR, 6-2 Derrick Alexander. Also, the Vikings three and four receivers will be 6-4 Sean Dawkins and 6-2 former Bear D'Wayne Bates.

The Lions will start a rookie quarterback, but also have tall receivers. Detroitís first two receivers have excellent size in the 6-3 Germane Crowell, and the 6-3 former Green Bay Packer Bill Schroeder. The Lions also added one of the fastest players in the NFL to fill out their receiving corps for rookie QB Joey Harrington. Az-Zahir Hakim, formerly of the St. Louis Rams can out run nearly anyone in the NFL and will present problems.

Finally, though the Packers only tall receiver is second year wideout Robert Ferguson, the Packers always have success against the Bears. Quarterback Brett Favre has not had an all pro wide receiver since the days of Sterling Sharpe, back when Favre was early in his career. Despite the lack of talent at receiver in Green Bay over the recent years, Favre still put up numbers that make him one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history.

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