PSL Problems Part 2

In a Blue collarî working class town such as Chicago, its seems that there is the potential that many loyal fans could lose their spot in Soldier Field. Friendships have been made at Soldier Field, experiences and memories be created as well, and in 2003 the true test of Bears fans will be placed before them.

Hopefully, Bears fans will step up to the plate and buy up all the season tickets, as I anticipate they will. This is a large risk being taken, the Bears organization is asking fans to reach deep down in their pockets, and hopefully they will deliver, if not, Sundays at the new Soldier Filed could be an ugly scene.

And now, the if factor. If fans are unhappy with the renovations, or if the blue collar fans decide its not worth the money, or if the Bears are lousy the Bears organization could stand to lose a big chunk of their ìdie hardî fan base at games. Should this happen, the PSL's for Bears games will turn into corporate tickets for large firms and companies in one of the nations largest cities. Companies in the city looking for a new type of entertainment to offer their clients would purchase large quantities of these season tickets.

Just as it happened with the Chicago Bulls, by the end of their championship run, comments were made most notably by NBC announcer Bill Walton on the dull crowd. Walton made reference to the fact that the jewelry jingling in the stands was louder than the cheers by the paid attendees. Could the same happen in the new Soldier Field, doubtful, but for the sake of the tradition of the most storied franchise in NFL history letís hope not.

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