Before They Were Pros: Devin Hester

Devin Hester fielded a number of questions when he was at the Combine, but most of the questioning from reporters centered on his versatility. See what the Bears' rookie had to say about where he thought he played in the NFL.

On his ability to be a multiple threat:
"I feel like it would help tremendously. When you've got a guy who can play corner and also play special teams, I feel it's a great opportunity for me."

On whether there are other players coming out who have similar ability:
"There's a couple of guys out here that do basically the same thing I do. I know Will Blackmon is a receiver/corner who also does punt returns. I know Ty Hill also has done a couple punt returns. There's a couple of guys out there that you can name that does the same as me."

On the secret to his success to being a playmaker in several phases of the game:
"It's really not any secret. It's just natural instinct. I'm a visual-type player that can see things before they happen. If you ask me if I have a favorite, I really don't have any favorites. I feel anytime I get a chance to get my hands on the ball, it's an opportunity to make something happen."

On why he decided to come out early:
"Just looking back on my family, I feel like this is the best opportunity for me to come out this year and provide for my mom. We had a problem with the hurricane that hit us two years ago. And we're still struggling from that so I felt this is the best time for me to come out."

On what side of the ball he would spend his rookie season:
"Next year, I'll probably be more on offense."

On his strengths:
"Basically, just staying low. I feel I have great feet and a lot of people say I'm fast, so that could be a big help. I just have a feel of the game. I know whatever situation I'm in, whether it's third and four, knowing what routes they love running. It's basically a knowledge of the game."

On the possibility of playing both ways:
"The Bengals talked about it. They said would I mind going both ways. I said that's what I had in mind. I would love to do that. I'm a team player. Whatever it takes to win, that's what I'm willing to do. I just love being a football player. Anytime I'm out there, I feel like I have a great chance to make a great play."

On his interview with the Bears:
"It went pretty good. They need a great return guy as well as a nickel back, and it sounds like I'm one guy they're looking at."

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