Before They Were Pros: Dusty Dvoracek

Dusty Dvoracek fielded a number of questions when he was at the Combine, but most of the questioning from reporters centered on his off the field troubles. See what the Bears' rookie had to say about owning up to his mistakes and moving forward.

On whether or not he considered coming out last year:
"A little bit. At the time I thought that was my only option. But when I put everything together the best choice for me was to stay."

On patching up his relationship with Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops:
"I don't think it was very tough at all. He's a great guy. He always gave me a chance. We have a great relationship now. We always had a great relationship. It was never tarnished."

On what it was like when he returned to the team:
"I had to start at the very bottom. During spring last year I was a backup. I worked my way back up and then I tore my bicep. So it's been a struggle. That's what football is all about. Competition and working hard.

"I'm very open. I don't have anything to hide. I spoke with a bunch of teams at the Senior Bowl. I told them everything that happened. The only thing to do is be honest with them and what happened and how I've addressed it. I think everyone will make mistakes and have some problems. How you come back from that makes what kind of person you are."

On what the key to making a successful transition from college to the NFL:
"I think it's a combination of some things. Guys that are just tough and nasty. In the defensive line nowadays, you've got to be a great athlete. Also, you've got to be smart. Know your opponent. There's a lot that goes into it. The guys that have all those things are the great ones. There's a lot of great athletes out there but they don't put the time in in the film room. They don't spend those extra hours watching their opponent. It shows on Sundays."

On how he envisions his career in the NFL will play out:
"I envision myself being very successful. I was successful in college. Instead of just school and football, it's just football. You can put twice the hours in football now. I envision myself being a great player."

On whether he's better suited to be a one or two-gap tackle:
"I think I can do either. Ideally, I think I'm more of a three-technique. My quickness is probably my best asset. My first step. But I've played two-gap as well. That's kind of good about me. I'm pretty versatile. I can play both. In a perfect world, I'm probably a better one-gapper."

On how confidence he was about going on the first day of the draft:
"I'm very optimistic. I think that's a very attainable goal for me."

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