Supplemental Draft: Where Does Brooks End Up?

After missing out on April's main event Ahmad Brooks officially makes his way to the next level today. Who will take the forceful linebacker? And how early will he be selected? Here's the latest news.

The first question swirling around scouting circles is when will Brooks be chosen. A league source told us that from a physical standpoint Brooks is "great value after the 15th pick of round one," something we agree with. But the same source told us, "it's all a matter of who's willing to roll the dice and take a chance" based on his injury and off-the-field history.

Sources have told us the San Francisco 49ers seem to have the most interest in Brooks at this time. Soon after our report on Brooks pro-day of June 23 Brooks flew out west to the Niners facility and spent a few days meeting the coaches and office personnel. The Niners, who need a young inside linebacker, would consider Brooks in round three.

We reported that the New England Patriots did not send a single scout to witness Brooks' workout and showed no desire for the Virginia linebacker. At least openly they've showed no interest.

In a covert manner it now seems the Patriots are also interested in Brooks.

Sources have told us the Patriots have done a lot of digging on Brooks, going directly through the UVA coaches and Al Groh, who has a long relationship with Bill Belichick. And while Brooks does not fit the type of player the Pats look for from a character perspective, he may be too good a talent to pass up in round two.

The Green Bay Packers remain very interested as do the New York Giants, which is surprising to some.

We've also been told while the Miami Dolphins like Brooks their interest may not be as high as some are speculating. The level of interest from the Cleveland Browns has dissipated somewhat since Brooks pro-day.

At this point, it doesn't appear the Bears are among the teams willing to surrender a first day selection for Brooks. The team has never selected a player in the supplemental draft with Jerry Angelo as general manager.

The identity of Brooks future employer may already be sitting in the league office.

The order of the supplemental draft will be decided by a weighted lottery. It is then a "blind auction" of sorts with the highest bidder getting a player.

By today NFL teams had to provide the league office with the identity of any player they wanted and what round they are willing to acquire him in.

For example, if the the Patriots alert the league office they will use a third round pick for Ahmad Brooks and the Niners submit a "bid" in the same frame, Brooks will be awarded to San Francisco.

Source have told us many teams have already submitted their bids as to who they will choose and what round they'd be willing to select that player. Obviously the information will be kept secret until tomorrow.

We expect to have word by 2PM today as to who selected Brooks. It is unlikely any other player will be drafted.

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