Before they were Pros: Tim Day

Tim Day fielded a number of questions when he was at the Combine, but most of the questioning from reporters centered on his drop in production as a senior. See what the Bears' rookie had to say about how a change in offensive philosophy impacted his numbers.

On whether or not he had a basketball background:
"Yeah, I was first-team all state, player of the year."

On many tight ends having a basketball background:
"I think that's a key part to show who good you are as a tight end, to have a basketball background in there."

On if there is a connection with Antonio Gates, Tony Gonzalez and Marcus Pollard:
"I think it is. Those guys are good players and it starts with the athleticism."

On how the skills translate:
"There are a lot of things in football that are similar in basketball: jumping up catching the ball, the kind of moves you make, translates over to the football field."

On if he had a chance to play in college:
"I thought about it, but scheduling and coming in as a freshman playing football was just too much."

On if he was offered a basketball scholarship:
"Yeah, I had a couple teams: Pepperdine, Nevada-Reno and UNLV."

On whether he chose football because of a better future or more enjoyment:
"Both. I loved it and I thought it would be a better future."

On where he'll be drafted:
"I haven't heard anything. I've seen rankings, I've seen them all over the place. I think with my situation this year, since we went to a new unconventional offense, a spread offense, that threw a lot of people off. I just have to work out good here and hopefully put myself in a good spot to be drafted."

On whether he caught as many passes as he would have liked:
"Uh, no. We went to a spread offense, which puts a lot more people on the field catching the ball. We recruited lots and lots of wide receivers and went to a spread offense. Three wides and one tight end and everybody spread out. A lot of people caught quite a few balls."

On how he adjusted to the slot:
"After a couple games I adjusted pretty well. I didn't want to have my senior season go to waste. I think I did pretty well in the situation."

On the change in offensive philosophy hurt draft stock:
"Me, personally, I don't think so. But for some other people might think so as people who rate me. My production went down. I think I did get better. I blocked a lot better this year and caught the ball well."

On whether the new role helped his receiving skills:
"Definitely running routes in open field against linebackers and finding holes, things that wide receivers do."

On the biggest question about his game being blocking:
"I don't know. It's probably a little of both. Nobody's perfect. I definitely have weaknesses and I'm going to attack them."

On tight ends becoming more involved on NFL level:
"Oh, yeah, definitely. People started using tight end a little more and helping out the wide receivers a little more and opening the field up. Five or six years ago, tight ends weren't as talked about as they are now and people are trying to draft them."

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