Before they were Pros: Josh Huston

Josh Huston fielded a number of questions when he was at the Combine, but most of the questioning from reporters centered on his relationship with former teammate Mike Nugent. See what the Bears' rookie had to say about adjusting to kicking in the NFL.

On if he ever thought of transferring while playing behind Mike Nugent:
"I got hurt right after my 2001 year in which I played. So I was more concerned on getting back to be able to kick, let alone transfer."

On his relationship with Nugent:
"We had a good professional relationship where we could critique each other and listen to each other in similar forums. So we could look at each other and say ‘You're doing this. You're doing that,' and it helped us build as kickers."

On whether the relationship ever got testy:
"Ever get testy? I wouldn't say testy. When you're competing that first year, it's tough, especially as a kicker coming out of high school where you're not use to dealing with it. It's a brand new feeling for you so it was intense, but I wouldn't say testy."

On seeking advice from Nugent:
"I call Mike and ask him all the time about this process. I've asked him about what it's like in the NFL? The longer year and what do you do to save your leg? Stuff like that. It helps a lot."

On the whether the relationship improved when they no longer had to compete:
"I would say so. It's tough there and we'd always push each other in practice and have friendly competitions with kicks here and there. But yeah, the tension was definitely off."

On if he thought he could've done what Nugent did at Ohio State:
"That was my mindset. I think that's why I came out and did so well this year, because I knew that I was good enough to be here and be in the NFL and play. I've showed that this year."

On kicking at the pro level:
"The pros you gotta move down to a one-inch tee from a two-inch tee, it's a brand new ball, and you move back five yards. It's a big difference, but you just gotta go out there and figure it out. I learned how to kick off a two-inch (tee) in college, and now I'm just making little adjustments. It's not a huge deal."

On what differences he's seen so far:
"The ball doesn't go as far. It's a new ball and even if you hit it really hard it's not going to go as far. So the key is to put a good stroke on it, hit it solid, and it will go far enough."

On whether his accuracy will be impacted:
"Accuracy, I like the pro ball better. I think it flies straighter."

On how important kickoffs are to his game:
"The way I see it—and I could be wrong—but there's a lot of kickers that can make field goals. A lot of kickers are going to be right there, and what separates is the guys I've seen perform under pressure and who has the bigger leg that's going to get you better field position. So I think it's a big plus for teams to carry kickoff specialists."

On if there has been any complications with his hip, which was previously injured:
"No. I've been pain free for about three years."

On where you might go:
"No, I have no clue. You can get surprised either way. My goal is just to get drafted, that's the first thing. More importantly I want to go somewhere where they're excited about me being there and they really want me to play."

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