On the road again

The Bears will spend nights before home games in Decatur, some 50 miles from the University of Illinois

Bears players and coaches will be in for a lot of travel this season, they will be playing the usual amount of road games, but they will also be traveling to home games.

In years past, players had no trouble getting to Soldier Field on time, with the move to Champaign-Urbana this season, the Bears will constantly be on the move.

On the Saturday before a Sunday game, they will fly from a Chicagoland area airport, to Decatur, Illinois where they will spend the night. Decatur is still about 50 miles southeast of the playing field on the campus of the University of Illinois.

It seems, as though, the Bears were unable to find a suitable hotel for the team in Champaign, and hopefully this will not effect their play either. Despite the extra traveling it will incur, players also will have to wake up even earlier in the morning, board the bus as a team, and get to the field early enough.

The extra travel, and the early hours could effect the Bears play in 2002, as the home team, they need and deserve every advantage that the host usually gets. Without the comforts of home, and even travel on the days of home games can be cause for trouble this season. Though they will feel like a road team, the fans at the games must will the Bears to victory.

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