Camp Chat: Muhsin Muhammad

Muhsin Muhammad is once again the only wide receiver in training camp with a legitimate NFL resume. He took some time to talk with Bear Report after Thursday's practice and discussed the slide in his numbers a year ago, the swirling trade rumors, and his role in helping develop a secondary target in the passing game.

You had huge numbers in 2004 with Carolina, but your production was down considerably your first season in Chicago. Does that have an effect on your preparation for this coming season?
"Oh, definitely, it has an effect on it. Hopefully it turns out to be positive, but definitely, (I'm) highly motivated this year."

There is some speculation that the Bears might make a trade for either Denver's Ashley Lelie or Oakland's Joey Porter. Would the addition of one of those players change your perspective of the offense?
"I don't think so. Hopefully, whoever they bring in here, if they do decide to bring somebody in here, I'll help make them a better player, and they'll help make me a better player."

Finding a reliable #2 receiver is obviously one of the primary concerns for the offense in Bourbonnais. What can you do as the #1 wideout to make the guys who are currently on the roster better players?
"I think the best thing I can do is be consistent. Always be the same guy, work hard in practice, and let them learn by example. I think that's the best way to do it."

You haven't had a chance to catch too many balls from Rex Grossman in your Bears career yet. How does he look so far?
"Rex looks good so far. I thought he threw some good balls today. He just has to keep working on that and maintain that consistency."


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