Camp Chat: Robbie Gould

Robbie Gould came out of newhere to win the kicking duties last season, and he did an admirable job converting on 77.8% of his field goal attempts. The former Nittany Lion spent some time with Bear Report after Saturday morning's practice to talk about his offseason training regimen, what he needs to improve on, and how he keeps himself busy on the sideline.

You were a relative unknown last year, but now you come into camp with solid job security. How is your mindset different coming into this season?
"Oh, it's really good. I have a lot of confidence coming back after last year. I thought I had a pretty good season. You've got some things obviously I have to work on in order to get better this year. But, you know, Josh (Huston) is going to give me some competition that's gonna make me better, and it's gonna make him better. He's got a lot of talent, and we're gonna have a lot of fun out here."

You had pretty good numbers last year, although you struggled at times from 40 yards and out. What would you like to improve upon the most this season?
"I'd like to improve from 45 yards and out. You know, I hear a lot of criticism about you're only 3-of-8 from beyond 40 yards, which it's probably 45 and out more so than 40. But it's how they chart it whenever it's in the record. So, I want to improve on that. Obviously you want to improve on your kickoffs, you know, get them longer and deeper. But it will come. You just got to work one day at a time."

What are the things you have to do to get your leg stronger in the offseason? How is your training regimen different from an offensive or defensive player?
"It's the same thing. You know, we do the leg press, the squats, the bench, the curls, the shoulder press, the core. You do the running. Everything they do, we're out there sweating it out with them."

When the team is driving down the field, do you ever secretly hope the drive stalls so you can kick a long field goal? Or would you be happy kicking nothing but extra points?
"I'll kick all extra points. That doesn't bother me at all. That means we're scoring a lot of touchdowns (and) winning a lot of games hopefully. With our defense and we're scoring a lot of touchdowns, it's always a good thing."

Kickers don't have quite as much to do as some of the other players during training camp. Do you ever get bored at practice and need to find things to do to entertain yourself?
"Oh, definitely. You know, kickers don't practice all day long like the rest of the guys do. We're on the sidelines goofing around. I'm sure the other guys wouldn't like to hear that. But we're always playing catch or shooting the breeze, which is always fun because you get to know the guys. You get to know your teammates a lot better. We're always up and down the sideline getting to know all the rest of the guys, too."


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