Camp Chat: Chris Harris

Chris Harris was a relative unknown coming into training camp last year but ended up being a major contributor on the best scoring defense in the NFL. The second-year safety spent some time with Bear Report after Saturday evening's practice to talk about the selection of Danieal Manning in the draft, the difference between strong and free safety, and his goals for 2006.

Saturday night was the first session in full pads. How did it feel to go out there and hit somebody again?
"I feel good. We always love to put those pads on because as a defensive player, you always want to hit somebody. So it felt good to put them on."

The Bears selected Danieal Manning with their first selection in this past April's NFL draft. Since he plays the same position as you, how did that make you feel?
"I feel the same way. Like it was last year, me coming in as a rookie, you know, getting drafted as a rookie and had a proven veteran there. So, it just makes you work."

You're going to get some time at both free and strong safety in training camp. How much of a difference is there between the two spots in this two-deep system?
"There's not a big difference at all. Our safety spots are pretty much interchangeable. So if you can play one, you should be able to play the other."

The biggest questions for this team will be on offense. Since you line up against them every day, how do you think they look so far?
"They're looking good to me. I mean, they're competing deep balls. Rex (Grossman) is throwing the ball great. Brian Griese is looking good. We got pretty much the same receivers as last year in house. We get Mark Bradley back. Add Rashied Davis in the mix along with Moose (Muhsin Muhammad) and Bernard (Berrian), Justin Gage. Pretty thick, thick receiving corps."

What kind of goals to you have for the team this season? What would you like to accomplish personally this year?
"Team-wise, we're looking to take it this year. We got so close last year. To get that taste in our mouth, go to the playoffs, and then to finish the way we did wasn't satisfying. So our first goal is to win the Super Bowl ... I talked to my dad, and I plan on getting about between six and eight picks this year. That's my personal goal. Have as few missed tackles as last year, less missed tackles .. Progress, just ongoing progress."


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