Camp Chat: Thomas Jones

It didn't take Thomas Jones long to go from headliner to also-ran at training camp. Last year's 1,335-yard rusher is still yet to practice in Bourbonnais because of a bum hamstring. Although he did speak to Bear Report after Thursday's practice and discussed the state of his rehab, his brother Julius in Dallas, and whether or not he needs to win back the Chicago fans.

First of all, give our readers an update on your hamstring injury. How is your rehab coming along, and when can we expect to see you on the field again?
"I'm taking it day to day. The trainers have me doing different things every day. So it's kind of on the trainers."

A little more than a week ago, you were the people's champion at running back, but now some fans are questioning your injury and whether or not you want to be in Chicago. How do you respond to that?
"I have a hamstring injury right now. I'm rehabbing, trying to get back on the field. It's not that I don't want to be here in Chicago. I'm doing the best I can to get back out there."

When you do get back on the field to practice, will you be behind in terms of your preparation? Will you be behind the rest of the offense?
"No. I've learned this offense last year all year, so that's not an issue."

Your brother Julius is getting some competition for carries down in Dallas, as well. What do you two discuss when you're talking on the phone?
"Not really. I haven't even talked to my brother that much to be honest. We're both very busy, so I'm sure I'll talk to him after camp."

You'll have to win your job back from Cedric Benson once you do start playing again. Do you feel like you have to win back the fans, too?
"I'm not even into winning the tailback job or fans. I'm here to do a job. Whatever happens happens after that … I'm just taking it day to day."


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