Camp Chat: Tank Johnson

Tank Johnson is still yet to practice during training camp in Bourbonnais and remains on the non-football injury list. But he is feeling better and actually did some drills on the field after Monday's practice. The former Huskie spent some time with Bear Report and talked about the status of his rehab, when he feels he'll be ready to contribute, and his embarrassing offseason.

First of all, give our readers an update on the status of your injury. How's you rehab going, and when can we expect to see you practicing again?
"I feel great. When I'm 100%, I'll be out there. You don't want to say when you're going to be 100% because that's between God and science."

You haven't been able to practice with your teammates yet. What things can you do off the field to make yourself a better player in the meantime?
"The one thing I can do is coach up my guys because they make the same mistakes I do. And so by taking mental reps and coaching, it will stop my feet from going into bad places."

You'll obviously be a little behind by the time you get back out there. How long will it take you to get back into game shape?
"Back into game shape, that just is determined by how many snaps you get. But I'm going to contribute the first day I get back on the field. I've had great rehab. (Trainers) Tim Green and Bobby Slater have done a good job, so I feel good."

The defense was the strength of this team last year, and the team made even more acquisitions in the offseason. How important is it to have a deep rotation?
"It's a big deal because, in this league, injuries happen every play. So to be able to have guys behind you who can play is a plus. Because when you throw them into the fire, you don't want them to get burned."

You had some unfortunate incidents this past offseason. Do you feel like you have to prove yourself on the field again, and more importantly, do you have to prove yourself off the field to the fans?
"Off the field, I just need to really concentrate more on staying to myself. Once you feel like a family wants you, for example the Bears organization, when I feel like the organization really cares about me, then I can really start putting my focus more into them. Because it's hard sometimes when you don't feel like you're wanted. Like any little kid, any kid who's neglected always gets into trouble."


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