Camp Chat: Bernard Berrian

Bernard Berrian was one of the breakout stars of training camp before being slowed down with a strained hip flexor this past Friday. The former Bulldog spent some time with Bear Report after Tuesday's evening practice to talk about the state of his rehab, year two of Ron Turner's system versus year one, and whether or not the offense is putting too much pressure on itself to get better.

First of all, give our readers an update on your injury. How long will it be before we see you practicing again?
"Actually, I'm going to come and work out tomorrow early in the morning to see how it is. And then if it's good, I'll be practicing tomorrow (Wednesday) night ... I probably won't do the whole practice, but I'll be doing some of the stuff."

You were having a sensational camp before being slowed down by the hip flexor. Will you be behind in your progress by the time you get back out there?
"Yeah, anytime you miss a couple days, it's always going to put you behind. Especially condition-wise I think will be the biggest thing with me. Mentally, I'm ready to go. Physically, just whatever with the little groin injury. But other than that, I should be good."

The offense is expected to take a leap forward in year two of Ron Turner's system. How much easier is it for you not having to learn a new playbook?
"Oh, it's definitely a lot better. Instead of just learning the basics of the offense, now we can add on a lot of the basics and get more into detail with the offense. It will enable us to do more things and now learn a whole lot more positions, get moved around a lot more."

Everyone talks about how good the defense is going to be. Is the offense putting extra pressure on itself to take the next step so the team isn't so defense-dependent?
"I don't think we put any more added pressure on ourselves ... We want to be great on offense. You get sick and tired of hearing about the defense all the time. That's all you hear about the Bears is the defense, the defense, the defense. We want to go out and make a name for ourself."

You started to make some strides toward the end of last season. What else do you need to do in order to become a 1,000-yard receiver in this league?
"Stay healthy. I think that's the biggest key, stay healthy. I think in my position if I stay healthy, things will take care of itself."


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