It's Go Time

Following their most successful season in a decade the Bears try to expand on their winning ways in 2001. Things are going well for the team going into camp, which brings a new attitude to Bourbonnais.

"We have high expectations every year, and last year we almost fulfilled them," Bears head coach Dick Jauron said. "We had a much better year won-lost-wise and fought our way into the playoffs, and that'll be exactly the same thing we'll try to do this year.

"We understand that there are 32 teams, and all have the same goal, and we've got to come up with something extra to stay where we were a year ago and then go beyond that."

Chicago has all their draft picks in camp and that will only help their transition into professional football.

"It's critical for them all to be here to have an opportunity to compete," Jauron said. "The entire front office did a tremendous job getting everyone in on time. We've seen people get set back by not being in camp on time and have a tough time catching up that first year."

Friday the team began with two days of practices in partial pads, then will work in full pads starting Monday. A number of veteran players-defensive ends Keith McKenzie and Bryan Robinson and receiver Marcus Robinson-will be eased into action as they come back from injuries.

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