Fan Fair: MB Post of the Week

In the first of what hopes to be a weekly feature, Bear Report will highlight one particular message board poster who not only makes a valid point but does so very eloquently. After Friday night's abysmal preseason-opening performance in San Francisco, Bears fans from coast to coast were ready for wholesale changes already. MagnumOpus's response earned the Bear Report Post of the Week.

"You need to take a step back and realize that his is just ONE preseason game. Anyone who watched the Bears last season knows that Rex (Grossman) can play. They also know the defense can play. Yes, I'm as embarassed as any of you about the way we got handled, but the extremely small amount of football we saw tonight is in no way a call for a quarterback change.

"The truth is every quarterback has bad games. Rex has a huge amount of pressure on him to perform well. Most likely he's been worrying about screwing up and playing poorly for the past few months, and tonight he hopefully got it out of his system. Yes, Griese looked sharp - but Griese was also throwing against the 2nd string defense.

The Bears have a lot of work to do before the season starts, but I hope we can all remember that in 1985 the Bears only won a single preseason game (Editor's note: actually, they went 0-4). I'm still confident Grossman is our man. I'm still confident our defense will get the job done when it counts. As much as we get geared up for preseason games, the truth is that they are basically meaningless. Have faith fellow Bear fans. Have faith."


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