Camp Chat: Brian Griese

The efficient play of Brian Griese was the biggest story coming out of last Friday's preseason debut against the 49ers. The veteran quarterback signed with the Bears knowing that Rex Grossman was going to get the first shake at the starting gig, but a few more performances like last week might alter that plan in a hurry. Griese spent some time with Bear Report after Tuesday's practice.

You had a wonderful performance last Friday night in San Francisco. What's it like coming back to training camp after the first preseason game?
"Well, it's tough coming back to camp to be honest with you. You go home for a while, and you get to see your family, and then you've got to come back. We've got a little bit more work to get done, and we got it done. And we're out of here tomorrow, so we're happy."

You've come to camp as a starter and as a backup in your career. How much of a difference does practicing with the first or second unit make in your development?
"I don't know if there's that much difference. I mean, the game of football is the same whether you're the first quarterback, second quarterback, or fourth. You've still got to come out and work hard, get better. You've got to work with the guys that you're going to be playing with, so it's very similar."

You've taken a few days off during camp to rest. But since you're trying to win a starting job, would you rather be out on the practice field every day?
"It's a marathon. It's not a sprint, and I'm trying to be healthy for the long run. Taking a couple days here and there in camp, it's just the smart thing to do."

This team needs to develop some dependable receiving targets in the passing game. Since you're throwing to them every day, how do you think they look so far?
"They're doing well. The most important thing is they're getting better every day, and that's all you can really ask for. I think being consistent, they have a chance.

The offense was pretty vanilla this past Friday night. How much more of the offensive package do you figure we'll see this Friday against San Diego?
"Probably not much more."


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