Fan Fair: MB Post of the Week

Many of the Bear Report faithful were up in arms about the supposed negative slant on a particular Thomas Jones interview in the Chicago Tribune this past Thursday, and this led to a spirited debate about the role of the media and the responsibility of players to speak to said media. Volsnbears stepped in with his slant on the story and earned the Bear Report Post of the Week.

"My 2 cents (and it probably isn't worth that):

"I have to do a significant amount of writing in my profession, though the writing that I do intentionally attempts to sway opinion. For the exception of the box scores and the stock market listings, virtually everything that you read is biased in some way. As JC stated, most journalists go to great lengths to limit that bias, but it is almost impossible to write anything remotely interesting without there being some bias.

"You can often tell by a line of questioning that the interviewer is looking for a controversial answer. Why do they do it? The answer is simple - it sells newspapers and internet subscriptions. It creates buzz. People get excited or irritated and tell their friends, they then buy the paper or log on to the site and read it for themselves. Though he is a columnist, why do you think Jay Mariotti still has a job? I think Jay is actually a very bright guy, and I don't believe for an instant that he believes half of the things that he writes. He intentionally takes unpopular views, stirs up controversy, and then we talk about it. Ultimately, the Chicago Sun-Times sells more newspapers.

"On a side note, Mariotti is still an amateur at this in my opinion. Bernie Lincicome was the master when he wrote for the Chicago Tribune.

"We can point our fingers at the 'evil media' all we want, but the truth is that there would be much less of this if it weren't for the 'bloodthirsty public.'"

"Really, how many of us would have given the article a second thought if it weren't a little controversial? Dirt sells folks, and whether we like it or not, we as a general public buy it."


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