Jamar Williams Rookie Diary: Entry 2

In the second installment of his Rookie Diary, rookie linebacker Jamar Williams certainly seems to be enjoying his time with the Bears so far. This week, the former Sun Devil talks about his first game action at Soldier Field, his excitement about facing the Arizona Cardinals this week, and what he has learned so far in training camp.

"It was great to finally get on the field during a home game. Although I was accustomed to some pretty enthusiastic fans at Sun Devil Stadium, Soldier Field fan participation is even stronger. It was such a great atmosphere that at times, it didn't even seem real. It's hard to even explain the feeling that I had when I walked on the field.

"The fans, they're amazing. You come out of that tunnel, and the first thing you hear are all the people screaming for you. You just want to go out there and perform. The noise level was incredible, and I can only imagine how much more intense the experience will be when the regular season begins.

"One thing I learned though is that during the actual plays, you need to learn to block the noise out, otherwise, your level of concentration won't be what it should be.

"All in all, I felt that my performance was adequate. Of course, I always want to do better. I had a couple of good tackles and a fumble recovery. The best part for me personally was that when the opportunity came to make a play, I was able to come through. I'm feeling comfortable with the team and with the system here, which is good at this stage of things.

"As is the case for most rookies, I still need to work on technique. There are so many smaller components involved in a good play, and only repetition can take care of that. I plan to focus on that during this week of practice at Halas Hall. I was comfortable with the speed of the game and felt that I was able to keep up with most of what was happening on the field. All I do is go out there and try to play hard and fast.

"A lot has happened during the past ten days or so. We made the move from training camp to Lake Forest just before the game last weekend. While Bourbonnais was a good learning experience, I think we are glad to be back at Halas Hall. It's important to have the opportunity to get settled before the regular season begins. I found a place near the training facility, and that should work out really well for me.

"In the little spare time I've had since we returned, I've had the chance to go downtown in Chicago several times. I like the fact that there's so much to do. I was born in New York, and this city reminds me of that in the fact that there are so many things to see and do, all in close proximity.

"The Cardinals will be an interesting team to go up against. I can't wait. In college, the team played at our stadium, so I used to watch all of their games. I do know some of the players because we trained together. One of the linebackers, Brandon Johnson, is a friend. It will be good to see that team again, this time in a situation where all of us are playing at the professional level.

"I think that any time spent on the field during a game situation is important for rookies, myself included. I want to take every opportunity to learn the plays and to maximize my impact. Although many of the things we do are similar to what I experienced in college, enough is different that i need to pay attention all of the time.

"The coaches will be working with us one-on-one as they did in training camp. As the beginning of the season gets closer, I'm sure the intensity of the practices will increase accordingly.

"So I'd say my goals for this week are to maximize the effectiveness of any time I am on the field, learn as much as I can about the position during practice, and pay attention to what the veterans are doing on the field.

"The mood of the team is a very positive one. It's always good to win, even during the preseason, and I think there is a lot that we can build on from the game last weekend. We're aiming at another win this weekend, then we'll begin preparation for the games that count."

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