Jamar Williams Rookie Diary: Entry 3

Bears linebacker Jamar Williams is starting to figure out the lay of the land in the NFL. In the third installment of his Rookie Diary, the former Sun Devil writes about the roller coaster ride this preseason, the importance of watching film, and where his conditioning stands with just one exhibition game left on the schedule.

"It's difficult when the team is up and down like we've been so far during the preseason. You think one week that things are right on track, and you won't have any problems for the rest of the time. Then the next game, execution just isn't where it should be. That's what Coach Smith talked about in the locker room after Friday night's game. There's no room for error in this league. We need to be at our best all of the time.

"I don't think any of us have any excuses for the results last Friday, but all I can say is that we can and will be much improved by the time the regular season begins. Everybody wants consistently good results. We'll just have to isolate the mistakes and correct them.

"At Arizona State, during my four years of college ball, I had much the same experience where you'd never know from week to week how well things were going to work for you. Believe me, you never want those roller coaster years where you come off of a great season and the next season is only marginally successful.

"The key is in analyzing the game films and making certain that the errors never happen again. Also, you need to keep up the intensity. You want to be out there playing every game as if it's your last.

"For my own play (last Friday against Arizona), I was somewhat satisfied. I had some good moments and some that could have been better. I did have a sack, and I almost got an interception. I was so close to getting the ball on that one, but it didn't quite work out. Next time, I'll be right on top of it, that's for sure. Again, as I wrote last week, it's all a matter of the little things. You get those right, and you're usually in pretty good shape. That's my goal every day, to keep getting better and better.

"I am becoming more comfortable with the effort required at this level as the weeks go by. The speed of the game is good for me, and I understand most of what is happening on the field. My goal is to be part of things in a very positive way. Every time I go out there, I just want to make something good happen.

"Physically, I am feeling great. My conditioning is right where it should be. Mentally, there is still the rookie factor of thinking too far ahead. You need to be completely in the moment rather than planning what you'll do on the following play. I think that all of us who are new do that from time to time. Ideally, you want to be working from instinct so you are making your moves instead of planning too far ahead. That's how the veterans tend to play.

"It was difficult when the fans booed us, but I certainly do understand where they were coming from. We're a lot better team than what you saw Friday. That was a tough game on all of us. It's the downside of football, and you need to learn to fight and scratch to turn things around. I think if anything, that kind of a reaction just spurs you to work harder. You want to prove to the fans that you can get the job done. We want to come back strong and show what we can do.

"From what I've seen since joining the Bears, I feel that this is a very strong team that will have some impressive games as the season goes on. There is a high level of talent here and certainly a high level of desire to win. You won't find a more competitive group of guys anywhere. We want to win for ourselves and for the fans.

"I can't wait for the next game. From a personal standpoint and speaking as a rookie, it'll be great because we'll be out there a lot more. It's fun making your mark while playing with a lot of other young guys.

"The season is almost here, and I notice things are changing. The pace is a little quicker in practice, and there are a lot of things running around in my head all of the time. If things seem too intense, I stop myself and remember the bottom line is to stay focused and to know that if all else fails, you've got to get to the ball.

"Now that we are back at Halas Hall, we have a pretty full schedule of meetings, practice and conditioning. And added to that, you're trying to settle into a new home environment, There's a lot to handle at the same time. But even with all the work, it's incredibly exciting. It seems somewhat surreal to even be here. I am like a kid in a candy store, so happy to be here.

"I can't wait to travel to Cleveland and get some more playing time. I'm ready to work hard and get in there to contribute any way I can. I know some players who are there, and it will be good to see them again. But while I'm on the field, I plan to be focused on winning and getting my job done. I want to learn as much as I can so I'll be ready to contribute. This is the beginning of an incredible year, and you can be sure I'll enjoy every minute."

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