Brown bagging it

When the Bears drafted selected Florida defensive end Alex Brown in the fourth round of April's NFL draft there was speculation why the Gator's sack leader fell to the draft's second day.

Since then Brown knows he needs to work on his overall game to become the player visualizes he can be at the NFL level. Despite setting a school record with 33 sacks at Florida Brown was often a non-factor against the run. He was also accused of taking plays off, but that will have to change for the 6-3, 268 pounder to be successful in Chicago.

"I feel like I belong (here), but I have everything to work on," Brown said. "You don't play this game long, so you don't have much time to do your best.

"You have to come out and play. If you don't you're not going to be here. Fourth round first round I mean coach told us the first day that doesn't mean anything now."

Bears defensive coordinator Greg Blache's acknowledges Brown has the talent to get after the quarterback, but needs to develop an all around attack in order to become a consistent factor on Sundays.

"He needs to get in the grove of things right now it's still all new. He's a big boy. He had a couple of takeoffs and one on ones that were pretty good, but this game is more than one-dimensional. He's got to learn to do a lot of other things and he's got to learn to finish his rushes."

Brown does have the benefit of working with a veteran defensive line. Help from several teammates has accelerated his transition.

"Phillip (Daniels) teaches me something one day, B-Rob (Bryan Robinson) teaches something the next day, even Karon (Riley) teaching me something," Brown said. "I mean Ted (Washington) is standing back he'll me ‘rookie you do this you need to do that.' Everybody helps."

In particular, Daniels and Brown have formed a mentor and pupil relationship. There are similarities between the two. Both were taken in the fourth round coming out of college because of questions about size and playing the run.

Daniels had his best year as a pro in 2001 and is recognized as an end that can rush the passer and stuff the run. Brown wishes for a similar reputation.

"If I could have the success he's (Daniels) had in the amount of years he's had I'd love it," Brown said. "He teaches me everything."

Brown said there is one piece of advice Daniels passed on to him that has stuck with him.

"Play hard as you can for as long as you can."

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