Fan Fair: MB Post of the Week

The third preseason game is supposedly the only one that matters, but if that's the case, then many Bears have to be talked off the ledge right now. GCoop33, however, was at Soldier Field for last Friday night's game against Arizona and firmly believes that the positives outweight the negatives at this point. For his time, he is awarded the Bear Report Post of the Week.

"Hey, if Idaho Guy can start multiple threads on the same subject, then so can I. I was there (Friday) night, and despite all the negative crap on here this morning, there were some positives (Friday) night that came out of that game. Some of which took watching the game on TiVo the next day to really figure out sober.

"1. Grossman looked good in the first half. Started the game 5-5. He went 13-18 for over a hundred yards. We want to throw him to the wolves because he didn't get in the end zone. Not many offenses, especially ours, can get in the end zone facing 2nd-and-20 and 3rd-and-15. Those tend to stall drives pretty quickly. Warner did it a few times, but that might be a bigger problem in our defense than a positive for their offense. Larry Fitzgerald is a beast by the way. The booing was frankly B.S., unless it was directed at the whole offense. Rex can't teach a snap count. That whole display was a joke. What was it, four false starts on that one drive? And I know not everybody there is a football genius, and that was made pretty evident by the guy behind me screaming Griese's name, while in between telling his wife and his two kids how Vince Young is going to tear it up in New Orleans this year. Yeah, it was a real treat.

"2. And at the risk of being a Rex lover or hater, anybody that thinks that Griese should get the nod and win the job better also be in the Pope-for-third-running-back camp. Because if we don't care that he is going against the second and third teams, then it is pretty obvious that P.J. Pope is a better running back then Adrian Peterson. Of course, I am not sure if that is correct, but he definitely has looked better than Peterson in preseason. By the way, anyone else catch Peterson missing that block and almost ending the quarterback controversy and Rex Grossman's season again? I am suprised he got up from that. Adrian is pretty happy he is a good special teams player right about now

"3a. We have a TE, and his name is Gabe Reid. Guy has looked real good all preseason, and as of right now has gotta be considered the starting TE.

"3b. Our recievers played well (Friday). MM (Muhsin Muhammad) had a great game, and there were limited drops. Would have liked to see Berrian battle a little harder on that interception, but him, Davis, and Bradley all looked good.

"By the way, on a side note, didn't know Airese Currie knew how to put his pads on. Holy crap, that had to be his first time in full equipment in a year and a half. Didn't know who the guy was at first.

"4. Real glad Israel Indonije is still on the team.

"5. Cedric Benson stayed for the whole game. I think.

"6. Robbie Gould looks like a real NFL kicker. He also made a couple kickoffs in to the end zone. Might see some touchbacks this year.

"7. I am not that frustrated with the offense because they are making an effort to throw the ball and get that working while ignoring the run game. I feel like in the regular season it will be more run, and then they can throw in more play-action. Need to cut down on the penalties. Our offense isn't built for 3rd-and-20, so please don't act like it is."


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