The heat is on

It's the year anniversary of Korey Stringer's tragic death due to complications from a heat stroke.

The death of the Minnesota Vikings' mammoth offensive tackle on Aug. 1 woke up plenty of NFL teams. NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue ordered all 31 teams to review their rules on training following his death. Bears coach Dick Jauron canceled an afternoon practice that Wednesday because of oppressive heat and high humidity, although he said it was not in direct response to Stringer's death.

During Monday's first practice in pads, the Bears had overcast skies, scattered showers and somewhat mild temperatures. On Tuesday, it was hot and humid and temperatures were close to 90 degrees for the morning practice. Because of the heat, Jauron ordered an afternoon walk-through indoors for the second practice Tuesday.

"We had four IVs (in two days), but we're staying on top of it," Jauron said Tuesday. "I don't know if I'm anymore sensitive to it than anybody else in the league, but I think the league really has encouraged it for a long time.

"It's not easy on the athletes, because they want to push themselves. If they're new or struggling for a job, they have a tendency to not tell you that they don't feel good or if they are dehydrated."

Jauron said safety Mike Brown and reserve linebacker Bobbie Howard were two players that needed IVs during practice.

"We have liquids around every drill and we encourage our guys to drink all the time," Jauron said. "Anybody that is cramped from losing too much water knows it's not any fun."

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