Stud of the Week: Rex Grossman

Bears fans have been waiting to see this for quite some time. After a few disappointing performances and getting mercilessly booed at home last week, Rex Grossman finally looked like a quarterback who can take this offense to the next level. For answering the bell, he is the runaway winner of the Bear Report Stud of the Week award.

This is what we have been waiting to see. The 3-of-11 in the exhibition opener at San Francisco certainly wasn't. That 7-of-14 at Soldier Field against San Diego didn't do much for us either. And even though the 13-of-18 start last week hosting Arizona was nice while it lasted, the 0-for-3 third quarter, with yet another interception, brought out the boobirds in droves. Rex Grossman needed to show us something.

That's precisely what he did on Thursday night in the preseason finale at Cleveland, leading the Bears to two scoring drives in his two series and putting his critics' comments to rest if only for one night. Grossman was 5-of-8 for 73 yards and his first touchdown pass in quite some time, a gentle 6-yard toss to Desmond Clark after a beautiful play-action fake. He could have had two TD strikes if Airese Currie hadn't later dropped one in the end zone, but either way, 10 points in the first quarter will do a lot for the former Gator's confidence heading into Week 1 at Green Bay.

The Bears don't need Grossman to be an All-Pro this season. All he has to do is manage the offense effectively, cut down on the turnovers, and make a few more plays in the passing game than Kyle Orton did last year. He looked more than capable to handle all of that on Thursday night in Cleveland, so for his efforts, Grossman is the Bear Report Stud of the Week.


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