Dud of the Week: Brett Favre

I was asked a very interesting question on a radio show about a week ago. Should Bears fans feel sorry for Brett Favre? Even though he has murdered the Midway Monsters for years, perhaps he deserves a little sympathy since his Hall of Fame career is ending on such a sour note. I thought about that question for about two seconds ... absolutely not. Favre is the Bear Report Dud of the Week.

As much as I can't stand the cheesy expression "think outside the box", that's exactly what I had to do when coming up with the Bear Report Dud of the Week.

On offense, the Bears performed very well. Rex Grossman started the game off with a bang on a 49-yard touchdown pass to Bernard Berrian, and although he forced one into triple-coverage for a poor interception shortly thereafter, the former Gator was a model of efficiency with his 18-of-26, 262-yard performance. No dud there.

How about the running game? Neither Thomas Jones nor Cedric Benson brought back memories of Walter Payton on Sunday, combining for 97 yards on 32 carries. But they both ran hard, both picked up a few first downs, and both held on to the ball from start to finish. No duds there, either.

The much-maligned receivers? Muhsin Muhammad had his first career 100-yard game in a Bears uniform and made a handful of highlight-reel catches. Berrian provided some fireworks with his long TD grab. Tight end Desmond Clark looked like he was back at Wake Forest with five receptions for 77 yards. Even Jason McKie caught four balls out of the backfield. Again, no duds.

The defense? Forget about it. They pitched a shutout at the Packers, the first time that franchise has been zeroed in 233 games. Needless to say, dudless.

Special teams, you ask? Robbie Gould made all four of his field goal attempts, Adrian Peterson forced a fumble on a kickoff that was recovered by Brendon Ayanbadejo, and rookie Devin Hester ripped off an 84-yard punt return for a stake-in-the-heart touchdown. Sans dud.

So how about Brett Favre?

The automatic Hall-of-Famer is one of the best players in NFL history regardless of position, but after Sunday's horrid showing, he may be wondering why he decided to come back for a 16th season. The Packers front office might be wondering the same thing. Coming on the heels of last season's 29-interception horror show, many were expecting the Mississippi native to come back for one last hurrah and spark some life into a dying team.

Then again, maybe not. In an unprecedented decision bound to make Bears fans smile from sea to shining sea, I give you this installment of the Bear Report Dud of the Week. It's Brett Favre.


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