Fan Fair: MB Post of the Week

TitleQuest seemed plenty satisfied with the Bears winning in Green Bay and mildly impressed with the Lions giving Seattle all they could handle at home, but rest assured it's only Week 1. He reminds us that still very little has been proven after only one game, and for his ability to avoid hyperbole, TitleQuest earns the Bear Report Post of the Week.

Sooooooo ... The Lions put up one good game at home against a strong opponent (Seattle), and the Bears whipped a 2006 league doormat. All it really proves is that nothing was proved or established as of yet.

Sunday will go a long way towards opening the reality window for both teams. Bothersome for the Bears is the fact that, flat out, the Lions D looked a lot better, particularly how the D-line pressured Hasselbeck all day long. Add to this the fact that Green Bay had way, way too much pressure on Grossman. That should concern us - period.

Bothersome for the Lions is ... well, Kitna & Co. are gonna have to score something against a known and proven great defense. Forget the Ahman Green 100 yards. The Bears always scheme against Favre and the passing game against the Pack. The fact that even with a back running for a 100 yards the Pack didn't even get a mild sniff of the end zone should tell The Lions that they are going to have to beat the Bears in the air, which ain't gonna be easy in Chicago against an improved and hungry Bear secondary.

Talk as always is plentiful and dirt cheap on the internet boards, but reality should come into focus for both teams a lot more clearly when the dust settles about 3p.m. on Sunday. The Bears must win at home against a division rival this week. It's not crucial for Detroit, but I have a feeling that it is for us.


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