Jamar Williams Rookie Diary: Entry 5

Linebacker Jamar Williams suited up for his first regular season game this past Sunday in Green Bay, and shutting out the hated Packers was a heckuva way to kick off an NFL career. In yet another installment of his Rookie Diary, the former Sun Devil writes about the mood of the team when travelling, the support of the Bears fans who made the trip, and how he just wanted to hit somebody.

"My first NFL game. It was fun. It was amazing. Like a dream come true. The atmosphere was crazy. From the time we got off the bus, you could feel the intensity of the rivalry between the two teams. Those Green Bay fans, they made it clear they didn't like us. We saw signs about our team. They were throwing stuff at us. It was really something.

"Lambeau is an impressive stadium. It's all redone with skyboxes everywhere. As far as crowds, it was absolutely packed. I just couldn't believe the noise, the enthusiasm of the fans. In a way it didn't matter that much who they were cheering for. The noise level was intense, and it really fired us up. All those people come to watch you play. They're screaming, and they can't wait for the game to start. How can you not play well in a situation like that?

"What you try to do is to control the situation. You want to make a statement early to take the hometown fans out of the game. You really don't want them as a factor when you are trying to communicate on the field. That early pass play for a touchdown did exactly what we'd wanted it to do. After that, it was noticeably quieter.

"The ride up to the game had a different sense than I'd seen so far. It was very serious. Everybody knew their job and was concentrating on that. The ride home after the game was something else completely different. We really enjoyed ourselves.

"It doesn't get much better than to win a shutout against the Packers up in Green Bay. I wondered, though, if the ride home after a loss wouldn't be pretty grim. Hopefully, I won't find out the answer to that question for quite a while.

"There were many Bears fans in the stadium. We do notice them when we come out onto the field. Although they were outnumbered, we could hear them with just about every play. That can make a real difference in intensifying your effort. It really gets you into the game.

"From the opening kickoff, I was looking for somebody to hit. That's the fun of my position on the field. You can make that statement pretty well during the first few plays. I got some good hits but was always looking to make more.

"The team as a whole played really well. Everybody was on their assignments and getting the job done. That's exactly what you want to see during a game like that.

"I think that as intense as Lambeau was last weekend, this weekend's home game against Detroit is going to be even more so. I can't even imagine what it will be like to come out of the tunnel for the first time and start to play. I have an idea of the noise that our fans can make from the home games during the preseason, but I suspect that once the regular season starts, it will be significantly louder in there.

"I heard that one of the Lions players (Roy Williams) was predicting a victory. Frankly, that doesn't affect me one way or another. Some guys use that to get their team going. Sometimes it can backfire because it gets the other team playing that much harder. We'll find out on Sunday, I guess, how that one worked out for him.

"As far as my own play is concerned, I am somewhat satisfied. I always think back to what I've done and try to find where there's room for improvement. As a rookie, you just have to do that. It's the only way to raise the level of your production as the weeks go by.

"I'm still working on the little things as far as technique is concerned. As a first-year player, you want to make an impact every time you get the chance to play. Your coaches are very aware of what you're doing out there, so you certainly don't want to make any mistakes.

"I'm feeling very good physically. As the game wore on last weekend, I did get tired, but I think that's to be expected. It's something you just learn to work through. You are pretty aware that just about everybody else out there is feeling exactly the way you are. It's just who can sustain the best physical effort the longest.

"We'll be spending all of this week practicing for Detroit. We'll be going over game film from the last game, then we'll be going on to new film to prepare for the Lions. It's a game I'm looking forward to. This team started strong, and I feel we can sustain that energy.

"I hope that some of my family will be able to come and watch it. Last weekend, they saw the Green Bay game on TV. It's a good feeling to know that you have that kind of support from family and friends.

"My personal goal this Sunday is to maximize my field time and make good plays right away. As a rookie, you have limited opportunities, so if you want to be playing more, you have to make every move count. It's going to be a real good experience and something I'm definitely looking forward to."

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