Post Game Chat: Bears Players

Carolina was supposed to be the best team in the NFC this season, but after a heartbreaking overtime loss to Minnesota dropped the Panthers to 0-2, experts may be looking for a new favorite. Enter the Bears, who have won their first two games by a combined score of 60-7. Read what Rex Grossman, Alex Brown, Bernard Berrian and many others had to say in the locker room after the game.

Quarterback Rex Grossman
On his play and the team's success against Detroit:
"It felt good. It felt real good. Especially starting the game with the defense creating a turnover to get some momentum on our side, and (being) able to get a touchdown pass there early kind of calmed me down again and then calmed our offense down again. Then we went after them a little bit. It felt really good to put up some points. 34 points is a pretty good performance, and any time we do that, we are going to win. And anytime our defense keeps the other team to seven points, I think we are going to win, as well. Everything seemed top(-notch) today. Our offensive line did a great job giving me time. (Offensive coordinator) Ron Turner put me in a lot of good situations, and then we were able to capitalize once we were in those situations. It was a total team effort today, and that's always the most fun to see."

On hooking up with his tight ends for three touchdowns:
"Desmond Clark's a great tight end. I keep saying the same thing. He's had a great offseason. He was great last year. We just didn't use him enough, and this year we put an emphasis on it. Taking advantage of those matchups when they put linebackers and safeties on him. On the touchdown, they put a little corner on him, and that's like Spud Webb guarding Shaq. It's a good matchup every time, so we're just going to throw it up to him. He made a great play on it."

Defensive end Alex Brown
On the play of the defensive line:
"It's good. We're starting to come together. Myself, Wale (Adewale Ogunleye), and Mark (Anderson) coming off the edge, and the guys up the middle, Tank (Johnson), Tommie (Harris), Ian (Scott), (Alfonso) Boone. They're coming up the middle. Tank made a great play because he (Jon Kitna) couldn't step back because we were coming on the edge. Tank made a great play. Tank just makes plays, some big plays there to get the game going our way."

Tight end Desmond Clark
On winning the first two games to start the season:
"We just wanted to come out and start fast because it is a division game, and if you lose a division game, that's like losing two games essentially because that counts more toward the playoff race. So we wanted to come out and really get ahead in our division, and right now, we are ahead."

Defensive end Adewale Ogunleye
On how the play of the defense affected Detroit's offense:
"We're dictating the way we're playing, the way that we got off the ball today. The sack early by Tank set the tone, and they were scared from that point on."

Tight end John Gilmore
On the confidence of the offense:
"I think the confidence was already there. Just the way Rex was working the game. I think the confidence came just from the way we moved the ball, spreading the ball around to a bunch of different people. You saw the game. It was like we couldn't be stopped."

On his own confidence:
"I'm a pretty even-keel guy. My confidence was there before the touchdown passes. I've always been able to catch the ball. I just haven't been in those situations."

Wide receiver Bernard Berrian
On his diving touchdown catch:
"I gave everything I had to get to that ball. I didn't think I was actually going to get to the ball. It was kind of a lucky play. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don't."

On the confidence of the offense:
"We're feeling good, but we can't let it get to our heads. We still have to go out there and not get complacent."


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