Fan Fair: Message Board Post of the Week

The Bears were still searching for some respect after a 26-0 shutout of the hapless Packers. Then came a 34-7 mulitation of the Lions, but believe it or not, some of the experts are yet to be convinced. ColdGin73 has a message for all the naysayers that still remain, and for his billowing confidence, he is the winner of the Bear Report Message Board Post of the Week.

"I think the biggest factor this year is when the Bears have won, they haven't paraded around and patted themselves on the back. It's always things like, 'It was a great victory, our three phases did a great job. Who's next.'

"This team seems like they are on a serious mission, and for some reason, Schlereth, King and all the other national sports writers are just waiting for them to fail. It was 'The Bears won't beat Green Bay because it's Favre's last year.' Then the Bears win and it's like, 'Well the Bears played a weak Green Bay team, wait till they go up against a Detroit defense that held Seattle to nine points.' Then we kill Detroit, and we find Minnesota at 2-0 and they are saying this is the REAL test, playing a team that is also 2-0.

"Well to me, Minnesota played a Washington team without Portis. Their offense goes around that guy. Then they beat Carolina without Steve Smith and Dan Morgan, and they win because of a stupid special teams call. So I expect this game to be a good one just because it's Minnesota, but I can't see them beating the Bears at this point."


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