Player Diary

Bear Report caught up with rookie Roosevelt Williams as he was leaving the field following a morning practice.

BR:Reports from training camp said that you hurt your ankle. What happened?

Williams:It wasn't anything too dramatic. I was in the process of breaking up a pass in a 7 on 7 drill. Things were going fine, then I felt a twinge in my leg. It was obvious that something was wrong. I guess that I just rolled over on my ankle a little bit. It didn't feel too bad at first so after practice, I went back to my room and took a nap. That's when it began to tighten up and bother me. I contacted the trainers right away. You don't want to let something like that get any worse.

BR: How bad is it?

Williams:I'm not at all concerned. This is really minor. It's just something that needs a little time and some rest.

BR: How long do you think you'll be held out of practice?

Williams: This is strictly a day to day situation. The trainers are treating it intensively. I am using ice and the hot tub as well as physical therapy. It's wrapped right now. They are keeping a close eye on this and feel that my recovery will be pretty quick. There's no point, however, to be rushing things this early in the season. I definitely don't want to get back before I am ready."

BR: It looks like you'll be missing the game against Denver this Saturday night. How disappointing is that for you?

Williams: "Well, it is somewhat disappointing of course. Every rookie is looking forward to that first game. It's the chance to show your stuff and to learn how the pros play when it counts. On the other hand, I've been in football for a long time. My chance will come. If I have to sit out the Denver game, so be it. I'll be back soon and ready to go."

BR: Will you be traveling to Champaign to watch from the sidelines?

Williams: "The coaches haven't decided that yet. It might be better for me to stay here at camp and get this thing over with. But if it is OK to travel, you can be sure that I'll be there."

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