Fan Fair: Message Board Post of the Week

The Bears comeback victory over Arizona on Monday night was incredible to watch, but needless to say, an awful lot of flaws were exposed on this team. An ugly win is always better than a pretty loss, however, the much-balleyhooed waltz to 16-0 isn't in the bag yet. IlliniZissou points out his top 10 observations from the game and earns the Bear Report Post of the Week.

1) Rex has a lot of work to do. The throwing off the back foot has to stop. The calls for letting him loose to throw the ball downfield all game have to stop. The forcing the ball into coverage and hurting your receivers has to stop. The holding onto the ball for too long has to stop. The panicking and forcing the ball downfield when the team is behind have to stop. The gunslinger needs to be put out to pasture. Turner and Wilson have got to get control of Rex again.

2) Preseason does matter. The Bears have not really run the ball very well all year. The same flaws that Arizona exploited in preseason were exploited on Monday.

3) Turner needs to re-think his play calling. The Bears HAVE to run the football. Did the Bears all of a sudden become the Oakland Raiders? You can not five- to seven-step drop all night and be successful in the current NFL. The next successful screen the Bears run will be their first.

4) The Bears defense let Arizona march down the field and attempt a field goal to win the game. Who's going to step up and make a play on the defensive line on passing plays if Harris or Anderson don't?

5) Hester is worth the risk.

6) I think last night made it clear why people thought Griese might be the right choice. Rex is clearly the guy to stick with for now, but playing a rookie-like QB in the NFL has it's risks.

7) Something is really, really wrong with Thomas Jones. This guy is either hurt or unwilling to take a hit because of his contract situation. I like Thomas Jones, but when you catch the ball or run the ball, at some point you just have to put your head down and try to gets some extra yards. This year Jones is unwilling to put 100% into the game. I don't know if Benson is the answer, but I have a problem with the Bears playing someone who is not giving 100%, unless he's hurt.

8) You have to tackle well in the NFL to be a successful defense.

9) Dear offensive line: Please block on running plays at least a couple of times a game.

10) Dennis Green has some issues. Does someone like Pete Carroll get another chance in the NFL with Arizona?


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