Grossman Ready to Forget Desert Nighmare

Quarterback Rex Grossman was chomping at the bit to get back out on the football field and correct his plethora of mistakes against the Cardinals. Unfortunately, he had an extra seven days to stew thanks to a bye week. The former Gator spoke to the media at Halas Hall as he does every Wednesday, and Bear Report was there to hear what he had to say.

Rex Grossman was far from impressed with the Bears' opponent this past weekend.

"Yeah, it's always good to have an opponent. Makes it easier. Yeah, that bye team is pretty easy."

But seriously, a bye week was probably the last thing that the fourth-year quarterback was hoping to see on the schedule. Coming off a near-meltdown on Monday Night Football in which he turned the ball over six times, Grossman seemed ready to get back to action and prove that his desert disaster was a fluke. The QB who had done such a beautiful job directing the offense the first five games was nowhere to be found at Cardinals Stadium.

Good thing for Bears fans, Grossman is well aware of his mistakes and knows what he needs to do to get better.

"Talking about the Arizona game again," Grossman said on Wednesday, "I just tried to do too much and didn't take what they give me. It sounds easier than it is, but that's what made our offense successful the first five weeks. So just try to get back to that rhythm, and hopefully everything will be fine. Completions, completions instead of trying to do too much."

Grossman is no secret to playing a stinker game every now and then, and he is plenty confident that he will rebound like he always has in the past.

"I've come back from bad games before," he said. "You try to get to what has made you successful in the past and really not try to think about it too much. It was a bad game. I learned from it. Really the way I approach a game is everything's been tightened down a little bit, really understanding what the coaches are asking me to do and just run the offense and not try to create plays on my own. Just go read-and-react instead of thinking too much sometimes on a few plays. As far as pulling all that off, we'll see. I'm excited about giving it a shot."

Many experts have pointed out that the Bears are becoming overly dependent on the passing game despite their claims that they are still a run-first attack. Offensive coordinator Ron Turner in particular has been criticized for abandoning the run at times and putting too much pressure on his still-learning signal-caller. The Bears have been very balanced offensively at home, but for whatever reason, they are throwing early and often away from Soldier Field.

Grossman, however, still has plenty of faith in his OC and simply does what the voice inside his helmet tells him.

"I think that Coach Turner is going to call the appropriate play on each given play," he said. "If he feels like we should run the ball on that play, we expect to go out and execute and execute well. And then if he calls upon us to pass, if it's there, go deep. If not, check it down and move down the field. Hopefully we're just a complete, balanced team every single game."

The offense as a whole struggled mightily against San Francisco back in the preseason, and Grossman is quick to give credit where credit is due.

"They're a good defense," he said, "and they got a bunch of good players over there. The first preseason game, they were running a lot of different looks and running around, and I'm not sure what they're going to do against us, if they're going to do the same thing or if they've gotten away from that a little bit as the season has gone on. So I'm just going to expect everything and just go apply my rules on the defense I see on that particular play. We'll see what happens."

And although the Bears are starting to accumulate some injuries and definitely needed the bye week to get healthy again, Grossman would have been just fine suiting up last weekend.

"Well, obviously I want to go out and play every week," he admitted. "But that's not the case. We had the bye week, so I might as well think it's a good thing."

Bears fans are anxious to see if Grossman comes back strong this Sunday, proving that the time off was a good thing indeed.


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