Locker Room Chat: Lovie Smith

Teams on a six-game winning streak don't usually like to take a week off. But as it turns out, the Bears looked refreshed and reinvigorated as they dismantled the 49ers in every phase of the game at Soldier Field. Head coach Lovie Smith addressed the media in the locker room after the game, and Bear Report was there to hear what he had to say.

Opening statement:
"This was another big win for our football team. I thought it was a complete team win. We talk about special teams setting the tone, and any time you can get a takeaway off of special teams, it's big. Defensively, we talk about takeaways, and our defense was able to get the ball back to our offense quite a few times. Our offense was able to capitalize on the takeaways that we got.

"I thought Rex Grossman played an outstanding football game. He made great decisions and took what the defense gave him most of the day. But we're a running football team, and I thought Thomas Jones had an excellent game. The offensive line blocked well, and our running game opened up other things for us. Dez Clark had an outstanding game. Offensively, most of the things we wanted to do, we were able to do today.

"Brian Urlacher - that overrated player we talk about a bit - had an outstanding game. The big interception he had kind of set the table for our defense. We got good pressure throughout the day. It was one of those days where a lot of things went our way, and we'd like to have a couple more games like that.

"We're 7-0 right now, and that's the best we can be. We're excited to be in that position and are looking forward to playing Miami next week. As far as injuries are concerned, Tank Johnson left with a shoulder sprain. But beside that, we're in pretty good shape."

On whether games like this are easy on the coaches:
"I enjoyed that game today, I will say that. Most of the time you don't. You like to have games like that, but most of them won't happen like that. It's tough to come into Soldier Field and play. Our crowd was into it from the start, and people know that coming in. Along with our team playing hard, we're a tough combination to beat."

On whether he played the second half differently:
"No, it's two halves. The second half we treat just like the first half. For the second half, we talk about it being 0-0, and we have to play two halves of football. And that's how we came out."

On whether Rex Grossman plays better at home than on the road:
"I think that's the NFL and team-wise. We're a lot better football team at home than we are on the road. But you have to be able to score on the road and win football games. We've still gone on the road and won, but we do need to play a little bit better. The next time we go out, hopefully we'll play better on the road."

On how important it was for Grossman to bounce back today:
"Any time you don't play as well as you can play, you want to come back and have the type of game you're capable of having. And that's Rex. All quarterbacks will have a bad game here and there, but the good ones don't have a lot of bad games. Rex is a good quarterback, and we thought he would come out and play the way he did today."

On whether the off week helped the team get off to a fast start:
"If I knew how to get the team to start like this from week to week, I would do it. You could say that the week off helped. We're refreshed, and the guys were ready to play a football game after being off for a while."

On how long the first quarter seemed:
"It seemed like it was a long first quarter. There were a lot of takeaways, and we were scoring quickly. I haven't been in a lot of games like that, so I'm not sure how you're supposed to feel."


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