Locker Room Chat: Bears Players

What is left to say after Sunday's blowout win over the 49ers at Soldier Field? The Bears are 7-0 and clearly have the inside track for home-field advantage in the NFC, but this team is far from satisfied. Several players were chatting it up in the locker room after the game, and Bear Report was there to hear what they had to say.

Quarterback Rex Grossman
On the team's performance today:
"We played well today, and I definitely don't think that they played their best game. The result was what it was, but I was happy as an offense to execute and score points. Defense and special teams gave us great opportunities, especially early on to capitalize on turnovers and positions that they put us in. That was a fun game, and now we're moving on to Miami next week."

On how his poise differed today from the Arizona game:
"We got some first downs and got into a rhythm pretty quick. That always helps. It was just a different game. I learned from my mistakes and played better."

On the team's tight ends:
"Our tight ends are great receivers. Desmond (Clark) had a monster game. He's a mismatch for a lot of people, and he ran great routes. And Ron Turner put him into great situations to make those plays. It's fun in a regular set to have Desmond, Bernard (Berrian), and Moose (Muhammad). Those guys are playing really, really well right now."

On the offensive balance the team had:
"We could be really good, and it all starts up front. I didn't go to the ground one time, and that's a pretty significant stat. Our offensive line played extremely well pass blocking (and) run blocking. They pretty much dictated the whole game on offense. Kudos to them."

Defensive end Alex Brown
On not getting a shutout:
"We gave up 10 points in the second half. We've got to do better in the second half. It's hard when you're up 41-0 and you know the game is pretty much over, but if you want the goose egg, you have to go get it."

On the fast start for the entire team:
"Coach (Lovie Smith) has talked about it all week. Get on a fast start and get turnovers and things like that. That's what we try and go out and do. We caused some fumbles, caused some turnovers, and the offense was able to put the ball in the end zone."

Wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad
On putting up 41 points in the first half:
"It was just a great effort. We had a short field today with the special teams turnovers and the defensive turnovers. We just executed, and I thought we did a better job of executing."

On the number of blowouts the Bears have had this season:
"I take them as they come. The blowouts are good because you get to rest some guys and things like that. The close games build character, and I think you learn something from every single game. You have to be able to win some close games, and I think we've done that. We had some come-behind games and, of course, the games where we just dominated."

On the difference in Grossman's play today:
"I can't identify one thing. I think we got in sync. I think the running game got off to a good start. We completed the first couple of passes, which was good for him. From there we took off. I think it's easy when the running game is playing well and you can hit some play-action passes."

Defensive end Adewale Ogunleye
On Brian Urlacher's interception:
"I watched it on the replay. With everything that's gone on this week, he just keeps coming out and proving (to) everyone he's Superman."

On the team's 7-0 start:
"7-0 is amazing. A good thing about it is we have a chance to (be) 8-0, and so on and so forth. I'm really excited. We have a great team. We're playing great. We've just got to keep playing like this."

Linebacker Brian Urlacher
On his first-quarter interception:
"That was a good play by the defensive line. They got pressure. Once again, I got blocked when I blitzed. I was able to get my hands up and got a piece of it. I stuck my hand out there and was able to catch it. Just a lucky play I guess."

On the ability to cause turnovers:
"Every game is like that for us. We want to strip the ball. We want to get takeaways. The number one thing we do is run to the football. We've seen time and time again, when you run to the football, you get takeaways. It's one thing to get it out. It's another thing to recover them. It's exciting to see guys flying around like that."


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