Player Diary

Strong Safety Bobby Gray has settled is preparing for his second preseason game against the Rams. Bear Report caught up with him after an evening coach's meeting.

BR: You are nearly finished with training camp in Bourbonnais. How do you think that things are going?

Gray: I'm learning fast, which is a very good thing. So far, I'm satisfied with my progress. The coaches ask that we put our total effort into camp, and that's exactly what I'm doing right now. We have a lot of meetings. It's important to spend the time necessary to understand the plays and the Bears system.

BR: What about the playbook? Last week you said that you were getting through it, but that there was a lot left to learn.

Gray: That's coming along really well. Just about everything that looked so confusing a few weeks ago is getting to be much more understandable. It takes hours of concentration, but things are definitely clearer. The plays are very logical. It's really no different from taking a difficult course in college. If you put in the time, you'll get good results.

BR: How are you getting along with the other players? Last week you mentioned that Mike Green and Larry Whigham had been helping you with some moves on the field.

Gray: They are still helping me with my speed and with reading the plays. The basic game of football doesn't change much from grade school to high school or from college to the pros. The fine points of the game are different, though. The biggest change is what I am experiencing right now.

BR: Why? How does this differ from what you were doing during your college playing days?

Gray: The contrast between college ball and pro ball is amazing. As a pro, if you aren't alert all the time, you'll get burned. The best place to learn about what to expect is from the guys who have been there. Their experience means a lot. A rookie's job is to learn as much as he can as fast as he can. The veterans can help in this process.

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