Locker Room Chat: Lovie Smith

Bears fans are still trying to figure out what happened at Soldier Field on Sunday. Despite being outmanned on paper offensively, defensively, and on special teams, Miami handed the Monsters of the Midway their first loss in embarrassing fashion. Head coach Lovie Smith addressed the media in the locker room after the game, and Bear Report was there to hear what he had to say.

Opening statement:
"This isn't exactly the way we planned today's outing. I have to give Miami a lot of credit. They played a lot better than we did today. Any time you have that many turnovers, it's hard to win the football game. I think they got 28 points off of their turnovers. So that in itself, it's tough to overcome that.

"Defensively, they ran the football on us. Ronnie Brown was able to do a good job with that, along with their offensive line. And then special teams, of course, one of the turnovers that we had was off of it.

"We won three games with all three phases playing well. And today, that's exactly what happened. All three phases really didn't come through today. But as I told the football team in there, a few things that happened that we got from today. One is that we're not going to go undefeated during the football season. The other is that we're finishing the second quarter 3-1. We're 7-1 right now. We're on top of the NFC North. When you don't play well and you play the way that we played today, you normally lose the football game. It's as simple as that.

"We have a big game coming up with the Giants this week. So we'll come in tomorrow, watch the tape, try to learn, try to take care of some of the mistakes we made today, and go from there.

"Injury-wise from the football game, we had Bernard Berrian that went out with the rib injury, we had Brandon McGowan who injured his Achilles' heel, and Dante Wesley with the knee. Brian Urlacher there at the end came off the field with a foot injury. We'll see exactly what it is. Injury-wise we took a hit with a few guys. We'll need a few players to step up and go from there."

On whether he saw what happened to Urlacher:
"No. I just saw him coming off the field."

On losing Bernard Berrian for the majority of the game:
"Well, Bernard is our deep threat. When you go to Plan B, Plan B of course normally isn't as good as your first plan. So we missed Bernard, of course, his speed and all of that. But you need other players to step up when those types of things happen."

On whether he gave any consideration to benching Rex Grossman:
"No. In the third quarter, we came out at halftime, we were down one score. I thought we were in pretty good shape. Rex threw a good pass. We fumbled the ball, and it kind of turned a little bit from there. Our football team didn't play well starting with the coaches and going all the way down. Again, Rex was a part of that, but we had a lot of things that went wrong today."

On whether Urlacher's injury could be serious:
"I hope not. We'll evaluate him and go from there."

On whether he's concerned about Devin Hester on punt returns:
"Hester had a bad day, like all of us did. I'll say again. I'm no more concerned about him than I am about other things that we need to correct."

On Grossman throwing three more interceptions:
"Bad throws. Pressure. There's normally a combination of all that. Again, it wasn't a good day for us. Whenever there's a bad play passing game-wise, it's normally that. It's a combination of the quarterback not putting the ball exactly where it needs to be, receivers, route, and of course protection also."

On Grossman reverting back to his mistakes in Arizona:
"We'll watch the tape and go from there. Rex had a couple bad passes. I think we all saw that. As far as the reason why and comparing it to other times, I really can't do that."

On whether might make a switch at running back to find a spark:
"It's been a part of the plan to play both of our running backs. That's what we were able to do today."


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